sativa dominant marijuana hybrid strains

Top 3 Sativa Dominant Marijuana Hybrid Strains

If you’re a beginner grower, start with feminized seeds from marijuana seeds for sale online. Female marijuana plants are easier to take care of, and they have higher THC levels than male plants. Choose a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC levels. A feminized strain with a high THC content can produce 25 ounces per square yard. For beginners, sativa-dominant feminized seeds are best for indoor marijuana growing.

When selecting marijuana seeds for growing at home, you will want to look for two important factors: the amount of light required and the type of light. Seedlings that are getting too much light will show their unhealthy state through burned leaves and brown or tan patches.

Conversely, healthy seedlings will have green patches and stretching that does not exceed six inches. Good water is also essential for seedlings. Unfortunately, treated tap water often contains chlorine, which plants cannot use

Swazi Gold Sativa Dominant Hybrid

The name Swazi Gold derives from the former country of Eswatini, a place where Swazi people used to grow this marijuana plant. Developed by Seeds of Africa, this Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain has gained popularity throughout Africa. With a THC content of 18 to 27%, it produces a heavy, thick smoke with pleasant fragrance notes of mango and applewood. The high lasts for approximately 30 minutes before the user begins to feel hunger pangs.

Swazi Gold is a premium strain with strong Sativa qualities. It has a strong citrus flavor with earthy undertones reminiscent of pine cones. The flavor is sweet and mellow with an active, uplifting high. Growers can expect to produce 25 ounces of flower from one plant, with the plant reaching a height of nine feet with proper training.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a long history, starting with an earnest young man in South Africa, looking for a new strain to develop. He brought a variety of strains back to the US, and through selective inbreeding, he was able to create a strain that was both fast-acting and seeds that produce larger yields.

Gorilla Glue Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Gorilla Glue is a comparatively cheap Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. This plant has a strong THC content and is a popular choice for people with mild to moderate medical conditions. The high generated by Gorilla Glue can relieve pain, induce sedation, and relieve insomnia. Recreational users and experienced users find Gorilla Glue to be highly relaxing.

This marijuana strain was created by combining the properties of three potent parent strains. This explains its infamous sticky nature. Scissors tend to stick to the sticky leaves. It is a heavy hitter with Sativa and Indica characteristics. GG Strains developed the Gorilla Glue after combining three potent Sativa-dominant cannabis strains.

The Gorilla Glue phenotype of marijuana is considered one of the most potent, with THC levels reaching 30%. It has a high THC content but does not cause drowsiness or panic attacks. This plant is easy to grow and does well in warm climates. Gorilla Glue marijuana plants can grow quite tall, but they’re pungent and sticky.

White Widow Sativa Dominant Hybrid

This Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain provides a pleasant pine and citrus scent. The effects are fast and strong, with mental clarity and a sense of euphoria. The high lasted 1.5 to 2 hours, and users report that it is extremely relaxing and mood-lifting. Additionally, it leaves users talking and relaxed, and they report a light body buzz.

White Widow is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that can flower in 7-9 weeks, depending on the genotype. The South Indian landrace genetics of this strain allows for controllable growth. Regardless of the method you use to grow your White Widow, the strain should have bright, warm sunlight and a climate that will support rapid growth.

The genetic origins of White Widow are unknown, but it is believed that it was developed by Shantibaba in Amsterdam in the early 1990s. White Widow does not develop into full color. Instead, the buds are always paler than other strains. The buds also create tiny crystals that resemble sugar. Despite its Sativa dominance, it still remains a popular indoor marijuana strain.

Side Notes

There are many different types of seeds available to cannabis growers. Inexperienced cannabis growers may not be aware of the difference between a male plant and a female plant. For novice growers, feminized seeds are a good way to start. Sativa dominant feminized seeds are modified to remove the male gene. This allows female marijuana plants to self-fertilize and produce only female plants. Several different techniques are available for making feminized seeds.