growing cannabis indoors

Growing Cannabis Indoors: Everything You Need to Know

You’re ready to grow your first cannabis garden? Congratulations! You’re in for a very interesting adventure where you learn plenty about this fascinating plant. As many people don’t have the opportunity to grow their cannabis plants outside, they decide to still go with their little project by growing them inside their homes. 

As there are a few challenges for those who have never grow a cannabis plant before, especially indoors, you will need to prepare yourself first. You will start with a purchase of LED grow lights which will replace the sunlight if your home doesn’t receive a sufficient amount of sunlight throughout the day all the way to nurturing these plants to ensure they grow successfully. 

In this article, we bring you everything you need to know about growing cannabis indoors, from seeds to a weed pen. 

Find a cannabis grow space

Regardless of the size of your home, you will need to find a grow space for your cannabis plants. That’s should be a suitable place where your plants will have enough space and air to successfully grow. It can be anything from a closet or grow tent to a spare room or basement. Keep in mind that these plants will be a lot bigger as they start to grow. Of course, if you don’t have adequate space for these plants, you can always give up and purchase some of the really cool products such as this herb vape pen

Start small

You will probably feel excited to start growing your cannabis garden and you’ll purchase too many seeds. Try to prevent this from happening as your grow projects will be more expensive if you have a lot of plants. Also, you are just learning how to take care of cannabis plants and it’s best to learn a few plants and later expand your garden. 

Not to mention that making a mistake and destroying 10 plants is not the same as not be able to grow two or three of them in your beginner’s phase. Unfortunately, your mistakes as a first-time grower will be quite expensive. That’s why it’s vital you do it right from the start. 


When you’re growing your cannabis garden indoors, your plants will not enjoy the same amount of sunlight, water, wind and fresh air as it would if you planted cannabis somewhere outside. When you’ve chosen the space for your plants, you will need to think about the lights, fans, ducting and any other piece of equipment you might need. 

As we already mentioned, these plants grow really fast and they can double or triple in size in their early stage of flowering. That’s why you need to ensure you have a sufficient amount of space for your entire garden. Starting small now makes even more sense, right? 


The space where you keep your plants should be clean at all times as cleanliness is vital when growing indoors. Everything that’s not easy to clean should be removed away from your indoor garden, such as carpeting, raw wood, drapes, etc. Also, keep your plants clean

Other elements

Besides the above-mentioned details, you will need to take care of other things as well if you wish to successfully grow your first cannabis garden. As it is with other plants and flowers, monitoring is essential for successful gardening. You will have to check on these plants at least once a day. When talking about temperature and humidity, you will need to put your plants in a cool, dry area where they can enjoy fresh, outside air. If your plants are somewhere that’s very warm or humid, they will not be able to grow.