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Finding the Finest Cannabis Strain in Indica & Sativa Hybrids

It is a general perception that strains containing a higher quantity of THC will be more potent as compared to CBD dominant strains. Yes, it is true that THC is the basic reason why you get high after the consumption of weed. However, you must be aware of this fact that modern hybrids of any plant are capable of getting you high. The Indica dominant strains contain a higher level of THC whereas sativa dominant strains contain CBD in abundance.

As the industry of marijuana is evolving, new options are coming to existence in its all variants including dry herbs, vaping juice & edibles. Still, the traditional way of consuming dry herb is more satisfactory because it releases earthy aromatic flavors & hit instantly right after consuming 4-5 puffs. Here we are mentioning some high potency indica & sativa strains that you will surely love to try.

Strongest cannabis strains to try at least once in a lifetime

1. Platinum Bubba Kush

Unlike most of the Indica dominant sedative strains, the platinum bubba kush will keep you happy all the time. It contains a maximum of 25% THC and CBD is almost null. This strain is highly recommended to consume in the day time if you want to relax & immerse in euphoria. Talking about the medicinal properties, doctors recommend it for the people facing issues of insomnia, pain & lack of appetite. Whenever you buy weed online, always go through their entire section to find this strain.

2. Purple Hindu Kush

The Purple Hindu Kush comes in the category of strongest Indica strains currently available in the market. As the name illustrates, this hybrid Indica strain belongs to the mountain range of Hindu Kush. The sedative elements are very helpful in healing the issue of insomnia. You will be immersed in euphoria & relax down for a few hours after smoking a few puffs.

3. White Walker OG

You are not going to turn into a white walker but surely relax down, stay focused & happy for a long time. It is a recommendation to consume White Walker OG whenever you feel the need to focus on a particular task. This strain of Indica contains 22% of THC that uplift energy. Happy & tingly high are two basic experiences that you will get after consuming.

4. Urkle Train Haze

If you consider Sativa dominants as inferior quality strains, reconsider your perception because it is going to twist your mind. Urkle Train Haze is a combination of Purple Urkle & Glost Train Haze. It is among the highest hitters of dry herbs ever exist. You can try it for relaxation & uplifting creativity. From a medical perspective, it is one of the greatest antidepressants that also provide relief from pain. It is advisable to order this weed online in Canada only if you already have adequate experience of marijuana consumption.

Maybe some of these names are totally strange to you. This is the main reason why we hesitate to try something new and & always stick with the same old strains are overpriced because of their popularity.