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Basic Cannabis Tips for Growing High Quality Buds

Growing your own cannabis crop could be challenging. This plant variety is not easy to grow on your own. Even if you do succeed in planting, the quality of your crop would need assistance. To be able to grow high quality marijuana buds, there are a few tips to remember. There are so many novice growers today that lose their crops and desired results because of the tiniest mistakes.

It can get frustrating when you think about it. However, there are some important aspects of growing cannabis that you should keep in mind if you want to prevent making the usual growing mistakes.

Let us highlight the top tips in growing high quality cannabis buds below.

The first thing to keep in mind is in relation to the growing environment. A good surrounding or where you grow your cannabis is just as important as how you grow it and when you grow it.

In terms of your plant’s environment, the first thing to keep in mind is maintaining the proper levels of what surrounds your crops.

Before even planting the seeds, you should maintain the proper temperature and the right humidity in your crop’s room. Focus on maintaining the most desirable temperature is important as that could mean the life or death of your cannabis. The cannabis plant is not an all-season kind of plant.

The proper temperature to maintain depends on the level of growth and the age of your crops.

If you have seedlings, the mixture of the preferred temperature is 65-75°F and you should maintain a humidity of 60% for the first two weeks. Take note, it is necessary to follow the calendar method while growing your crops. You should never lose sight and focus on this factor.

Once your crops have grown a considerable amount, after the critical first two weeks, keep your temperature at no more than 80% and decrease the room humidity by 5%. If you have no lighting available, a temperature of 62 to 72 with about 55% humidity is important to keep.

Another factor is to make sure that you provide proper ventilation for your plants. The right airflow and spacing ensures that your plant would reach the highest potential. Any branches or leaves must be addressed. This technique is called Low Stress Training or LST.

If you must bend the plant to let air flow, you must do so. The structure of the plant must be kept in a beneficial way. So, can you cut the plant to keep the flow of air? No, you must allow the branches to adjust by bending and not by cutting. If you cannot do so, using fans will help you deal with the ventilation issue.

Other ventilation issues include the container space and the plant support. To grow high quality buds, you must use the appropriate grow containers. The rule of thumb is to use medium-sized containers compared to large ones. The reason behind this is that you want to maximize ventilation.

Plant support is also necessary. You can use a cage, a stick, or any structure that would provide support for your crop. A cage is an option to make sure that the plant would grow at the most desirable size and will fully be supported so it does not fall.

On top of that, proper lighting is required. You can use T5 fluorescent or LED lights. The most common mistake done by new growers is the lack of such. If you want to be able to grow your cannabis the right way, make sure that you use good lighting.

Proper does not only refer to the kind of lighting you use but also the level of lighting. It must be adequate enough to grow your buds without affecting the temperature levels and humidity levels.

The environment of your crops must also have the correct level of CO2. It is important for your cannabis to have CO2 as it ensures light absorption as well as energy conversion.

While growing your crop, you must also provide the adequate nutrients it needs. Check the nutrients that you put on the soil as too much nitrogen will affect the flowering and budding of your produce.

In terms of your seeds, you must only choose the right quality of cannabis seeds. It is essential to use seeds that would mature properly in the environment you have. Research your possible options. Do not rush buying seedlings that you are unsure of.

Finally, it goes without saying that you need to make sure that you follow the right harvest times and the right pruning times. Many novice growers would have a tendency to rush growing their cannabis. Take your time and research your options properly. You should always do proper research in every single step.