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How to Choose a Water Pipe

To get the most out of your herb, you need an excellent bong. If you are a flavor aficionado like many other cannabis users, you will definitely want a solid water pipe. Water pipes work with both dry herbs and concentrate. A dab rig is a water pipe that has a nail that heat concentrates on. When this pipe has a herb slide, it is called a bong. However, the pipe can be used in the same way.

What to consider before choosing a water pipe:

Legal Concentrates of Dry Herb

You can use water pipes for both concentrates and dry herbs. However, this still plays a role in choosing a water pipe. Tobacco or dry legal herbs require a bowl, while concentrates need a nail with an angled stem of 90 degrees.

A small to medium-sized bong may be ideal if you intend to use it for both dry herbs and concentrates. Such bongs can be adapted with an attachment called a quartz banger.

Percolator Function

When it comes to diffusion, consider one with a percolator function. While burning dry substances, the combustion may not be ideal for health. Percolators come in to prevent the user from inhaling large quantities of the byproducts. They filter out toxins during the combustion process. Also, it cools down the smoke to result in a cleaner and smoother hit.

Some bongs come with built-in diffusers. However, you can choose to add an ash catcher. You may need a smaller piper for legal concentrates because there is less combustion. This would produce the right flavor.

Check the Size

The size of your water piper does matter. Do you want to use it at home alone or you intend to take it outdoors with you? This is a crucial factor that can determine what type and material of the smoking device you need.

Small pipes are portable so this makes them easier to store. They are also good for use on-the-go. Also, large pipes are more expensive, but they are more stable and offer more room for percolation and modification. Consider your lung capacity as well. A small bong is ideal if you prefer small pulls. If you’re new to it as well, you need a smaller bong. Smaller pipes break easily while their larger counterparts stand a greater chance of breaking.

Another consideration to make is the use of the bong. Do you intend to pass it around groups of people? then a small device is what you need. It will reduce the chance of breaking.

Pipe Material

Bongs are made from different materials today. Some are made from plastic, acrylic, bamboo, ceramic and silicone among others. These materials have different costs. Plastic water pipes are often cheaper. This is the same with acrylic pipes. They are also quite translucent so you can see the water quality. However, glass bongs still trump it as it is not as flavorful as the latter.

Ceramic type is cheaper than glass and quite durable as well. However, it is more difficult to clean and this reduces its lifespan. Bamboo, on the other hand, is stylish and sturdy. It is also quite durable. Silicone brings flexibility and durability as it can be packed with ease while traveling.

Glass is the best so far because it offers add-ons and modifications unlike the other materials here. Before picking a glass bong, search for a scientific glass that is thicker than usual and harder to break. However, your personal aesthetic, intended use, and durability needs will determine which material is ideal for you.


The last factor to consider is affordability. Many people do not want to break the bank for a water pipe. If you fall into this category, you can find one that suits your budget. Remember that when a bong has lots of features with more colorful designs, it will be more expensive than usual. However, if the price is not the main focus, you can try custom water pipes for best smoking experience.

If you are a newbie who’s buying the first bong ever, several materials are cheaper than glass. It is also important to note that glass, though expensive, can save you further costs in the future. You can modify it and add several features as the years pass, but you cannot do this with many other materials. It is best to know what you need before searching online for water pipes. Hopefully, this guide will make it easier for you.