dab rig use

A Few Essential Tips for Using Dab Rigs

A dab rig is a special type of water pipe that is designed for use with concentrates and smoke oils. Once you have fully understood the principles behind using a dab rig, there are a variety of techniques and methods that can be applied to taking the dabbing experience to a new level.

1. Use Gloves

Concentrates are oils and these will make a perfect breeding ground for any bacteria on your fingers. Always wash your hands, but take this a step further by using sterilized latex gloves when touching the oils to reduce the potential for contamination.

2. Use a Dedicated Dab Rig

It is possible to use a special attachment and smoke concentrates from your regular dab pipe. However, the residue left from smoking dry herbs will remain in the water and you will be tainting the experience just a bit. The best idea is to use a proper dab rib that allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the concentrate.

3.  Turn Down the Heat

If you have had a bad experience with a dab rig or heard about this from someone else, the reason may have been improper use. The biggest cause of unpleasant tastes or sensations in the chest is the use of high temperatures.

Let your dab nail cool off following the heating process. Higher temperatures lead to combustion and this will burn away the delicate compounds and aromatics that you paid so much for. Avoid this by remembering to allow your dab nail to cool off to an acceptable level before applying your concentrates. 

4. Use a Carb Cap

Mastering the use of the carburettor is an important part of getting the most from your dab rig. By restricting the amount of air supplied to your dab rig you are creating a lower pressure and creating a much fuller thicker cloud of better-tasting smoke.

5. Try Using a Quartz Nail or Banger

You will find that the best flavors from your dab rig are delivered with the use of a top-quality quartz nail or banger. The taste is both purer and cleaner when using a banger with your favorite concentrates.

The quartz nail is also more durable than your average glass nail. The banger is the part that protrudes from the rig and protects the rig from the intense heat. The use of proper attachments can improve the experience and also increase the longevity of your dab dig.

6. Clean Your Dab Rig Frequently

Proper dab rig maintenance requires that you clean out the rig and all its components as frequently as possible. This task is much easier the more often it is done. Using a clean dab rig will mean a better flavor profile absent of the lingering nuances of past concentrates.

7. Upgrade Your Dab Rig

As your practice increases, you can enhance your experience with a variety of special upgrades. The percolator, for example, allows the smoke created in the rig to pass through a water chamber. This creates a more enjoyable hit with cooler and smoother smoke.

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