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Can You Vape Concentrates and Dry Herbs With the Same Device?

This is the most frequently asked question on the web. Well, the straight answer is ‘NO.’ You can’t vape concentrates and dry herbs with the same device. Different vape devices have different functionalities, and they are designed according to the vaping product you are using. That is, there is a different vape device for vaping concentrates, a different one for vaping dry herbs, and a different one for vaping e-liquid. 

However, with the advancement in technology and a growing community of weed users, they have found a solution for this in the form of a device. A device known as Carta Vaporizer has been developed that allows you to vape concentrates as well as dry herbs. Apart from this, there is no way you can vape both the products with the same device. 

If you want to smoke dry herbs, there are plenty of devices that you can use. Some call it a dry herbal vaporizer, and some call it dry herb vapes, and some prefer water bongs or using pipes. There are plenty of ways to vape dry herbs and concentrates. There are people who have made cheap DIY vaping systems at home. Although these DIY vapes are quite effective, it can be dangerous if certain measures aren’t taken care of. 

Using Vaping Devices with Wax, Oil, Dry Herb, and E-Juice 

Vaping devices like vape pens are most often used for vaping CBD and THC cartridges, nicotine-based vape juice, or CBD wax/oil. There are vape pens available for cannabis concentrates and dry herbs. 

However, the thing about these devices is that they cannot be used for different products. Using a vape pen is a straightforward process. In this post, we will explain how you can use vape devices for vaping different concentrates, including dry herbs. 

What Is a Vaping Device? 

A vaping device is a power source that heats up the cartridge or vape tank to produce vapor. They come in different shapes and sizes. Although the basic working principle is the same, there are several different types of vape devices for a variety of vaping types. They are battery-powered devices that range from as small as a cigarette to the large bongs. Vaping devices have revolutionized the vaporizer market. From longer running times to larger battery, ease of use, and more, the vaping devices have become even more prominent after the legalization of marijuana. 

In this section, we will list different types of vaping devices and discuss different types of vaping they are designed for. 

  • Vaporizer – vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the vaping materials to produce vapor. A vaporizer is essentially used for vaping dry herbs
  • Pod Vape – a pod vape is a vaping device that uses a pod or an e-liquid cartridge for vaping 
  • Unregulated Mod – this type of vape device draws raw power directly from a battery. This type of vaping device is not recommended for use
  • Vape Mod – it is similar to unregulated Mod; however, you can control the power setting, which makes it safe to use
  • Vape Tank – a vape tank is an ensemble of different components that includes a drip tip, tank, and an atomizer. You have to manually fill the e-juice to use the device 
  • eGo Mod – this is another vape device for vaping e-liquids. You need a vape tank to use this device 
  • Vape Pen – probably this is the most popular vaping device that looks like a tubular pen. It works well with e-liquids. However, it can also be used for dry herbs 
  • E-cigar – it is a vape device that looks like a cigar 
  • Cigalike – it is a type of an electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette 
  • E-cigarette – it is the most common vape device that comes with a battery. There are two types – detachable cartridges and disposable ones     

The mentioned vape devices are most commonly used with:

  1. Dry herbs 
  2. Dabs/wax 
  3. E-liquids 
  4. THC and CBD oil cartridges 

What a Dry Herb Vaping Device Does? 

As the name suggests, a dry herb vaping device is a vaporizer that is used to smoke dry flowers and herbs. This makes them drastically different from your regular vaporizers that use liquid cartridges. When it comes to convenience, dry herb vaporizers are the best. However, you cannot vape dry herbs as well as other products using the same device unless the device is built for that. 

As we discussed earlier, carta vaporizer is one vaping device that allows you to vape both dry herbs and concentrates. 

Your regular dry herb vaporizer, however, is relatively compact. This means that you can easily carry them anywhere; they fit right into your pocket. 

Operating a dry herb vaporizer is easy since it generally uses a single button. Simply load your vaporizer with some fresh dry herbs and press the button to enjoy aromatherapy or smoking cannabis. 

One reason why a dry herb vaping device is recommended is that it eliminates potentially harmful toxins from forming, which you might ingest. It works in a way that it heats up your dry herb until cannabinoids and terpenes turn into gas.   

Maintaining Your Vaping Device

In order to get the most out of your vaping device, you need to offer it proper care. The following tips will help you keep your vaping device last for years. 

  • Ensure that your coil is always fresh before using 
  • Use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the pipes, tubes, and threads of your vaping device. Periodic cleaning will help keep the device up and running 
  • You need to keep the mouthpiece sanitary all the time. Use a proper cap to keep it away from dirt and dust when not in use 
  • If you prefer dab or wax, never overload your vaping device with them. Overloading may result in clogging or leaking