clean glass bong

A Clean Bong Looks Neat and Feels Good

The common idea that cannabis smokers being lazy, does it really stand? Now, surely the herb is meditative, and following a good trip, it makes sense to sit at a place for some time. Sometimes, it may not be practically possible to get around, if the high has been particularly effective! However, as veteran weed smokers may note, even if the eyes may get all rose-colored, you can still wait out the super-trippy part and then go about doing normal chores. The point is that it should be well to let go of the lazy repute and be more prompt with all the normal work during the day.

You can start by simply cleaning your bong. Regular users should note that lack of cleanliness affects the quality of smoke as well. You are losing valuable THC that obviously sticks with the resin. Cleaning your glass apparatus is also a sweet way to show to yourself that you really love to smoke pot!

Just compare the one you use with the brand-new products that you keep ordering from the smoking products website. It tends to look very nasty if you would admit. Of course, one can always purchase as many new units as they fancy! Even then, make it a point to keep them clean over time.

Here are a few pro tips on how to restore fresh cleanliness to the bubbler.

  • Do not dunk the glass device abruptly in hot water. Avoid swirling cold water on it immediately after you take it out from the hot water bath. The temperature difference may crack the glass.
  • The salt and rubbing alcohol concoction is popular to remove sticky resin deposits. However, you must use wisdom with the amount of alcohol you use, or vice versa. An excess of it may be ineffective because it dampens the neutralization reaction. Alcohol can act as either acidic or alkaline. It is the same with the salt solution. You must mix it in a fair amount to have the perfect alkaline mix to react with the acidic THCA resin. It should take some hit and trial attempts. If the mix does not work so well, then experiment with increasing or decreasing the degree of the components. When you see that a single swirl of the prepared mix cleanly disintegrates the resin and takes it out, you know you have hit the right formula.
  • Alternately, you can also place orders for special bong cleaners. These are as easily accessible as you can purchase new bongs from reliable wholesale glass pipes websites.
  • You can use a magnetic scrubber for cleaning the really tricky parts of the bong. Just make sure that the apparatus you use has the necessary aperture to allow the movement of the scrubber.
  • Use a flexible wire as you wrap around a piece of clean white cloth on it and access all the areas of the bong. See that it is lint-free.

Enjoy clean smoking! You would see that a clean bong offers a definite improvement in the quality of the hit. It also looks good as you can really enjoy the patterns made by the smoke through the colored (or plain) glass.