silicone pipe

All You Need to Know about the Silicone Pipe

Cannabis use has become more common these days and innovations have flooded the market with exciting concepts, designs and materials. Silicone is one of the latest arrivals on the wholesale pipe market. This material, which has been slowly infiltrating all kinds of markets, has been selected for everything from wedding rings to easy-clean bakeware, and now has finally got to marijuana paraphernalia.

It is hypoallergenic, super easy to clean and is a generally safe product all around.

But, will a silicone pipe actually work. In addition to being subjected to high heat there will be the buildup of sticky resin to contend with. Will a silicone pipe actually deliver the same satisfactory pot smoking experience expected from a glass pipe?

In order to answer these questions we will take a closer look to silicone, the pipes created from this material and whether or not it is a good option for you.

Let’s talk about silicone

Silicone is a polymer which means it is the final product of several compounds bonded together to provide unique properties. In the case of silicone, the compounds bound together include silicon, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

Time for some science!

Silicone is a polymer or a substance made of several elements bonded together. Silicon is the second most abundant substance on earth, right after oxygen, and can be found in the sand on the beach. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of purposes because there is so much to use.

Silicone can be found in a variety of forms, the liquid type found in bonding gents is just one. Then there is a solid type of silicon that can be made into a wide variety of items including pipes.

Silicone comes in two forms. The liquid form is often used as a binding agent. The solid form, however, can be made into all kinds of things, pipes included.

Silicone is manufactured in two different grades, one for use in the food industry and the other for medical purposes. You may have seen a wide selection of silicone products in the supermarket, nowadays everything from collapsible cups and baking goods is made of silicone.

Medical grade silicone is primarily applied in the fields of prosthetics where it is inert and hypoallergenic, meaning it causes no allergic reactions or health issues.

But, what about its performance as a device for smoking cannabis?

Is it safe for smoking cannabis? Resoundingly, YES!

Silicone is highly heat resistant and will not become deformed by heat until an astonishing 600°C, which is higher than any vapors you will be inhaling through your pipe. Of course, the lighter you are using will get hotter than 600°C so there will be a metallic or glass heat shield to protect the bowl itself.

Better still, silicone produces no fumes or toxic emissions that could hamper your health. This means you will only breathing in pure smoke.

But, there is a considerable issue here. As mentioned, silicone can be created in medical grade or food grade qualities. But, it can also be created in the super cheap for which will not perform as well as others. If you were to use the cheapest silicone pipe on the list, its performance would be poor and it may actually begin to deteriorate with the heat and pressure.

Silicone pipe benefits

Ok, so it can be safe if you get good quality, but is a silicone pipe actually worth the investment? We believe it is, and we will tell you why.

First of all, silicone features a nice non-stick surface that is very easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to unpleasant odors. This means you will enjoy nice clean smoking, effortless cleaning and zero-after-taste.

So what? Glass offers the same experience, right? But, wait there’s more. Silicone has one final major benefit over that beautiful and costly glass pipe.

Display is a major selling point in a bong shop and it is easy to go gaga over the pristine options available. But, if your pipe is going to be your buddy and go everywhere with you, you will be very heart broken when it goes crashing to the floor while being passed around the table on Thanksgiving. You can stifle a sob while you fetch the broom and dustpan to collect the smithereens of your beloved pipe.

Now, if it were a silicone pipe, you will be able to laugh as it bounces comically from here to there and lands unscathed at your feet. Just, pick it up, dust it off, refill it and resume the festivities.

The silicone pipe is lightweight, practical and virtually indestructible, perfect for serious weed smokers looking to develop a long term relationship with their smoking gear.