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How to Secure Your Cannabis Facility

The cannabis industry has gained more ground since it was legalized in many states. Nonetheless, it still comes with different sets of security risks. The risks range from normal physical security of the facility to other intangible issues with compliance, cybersecurity, and the supply chain.

There are so many security requirements to consider for cannabis cultivation facilities. The same applies to dispensaries and this practice can help reduce risk. Aside from security issues from outside the facility, employee theft is also a big issue in the marijuana business like all retail operations.

How can you secure your facility? Here are top ways to do this.

Renovate or Build Safely

Whether you choose to buy an already constructed building or complete a new cannabis facility, you need to build it safely. Add the necessary safety features. Such building designs are the first line of defense in many cases. Add features like access points, strategic barriers, and layout.

While physical safety is important, you also need to consider the building as a part of the long-term security plans for your business.

Know Local and State Regulations

Entering the cannabis business or buying an existing business is tough for many processors and growers. Even if marijuana is legal to sell, it does not mean anybody can get up and choose to sell. Every state has its restrictions and regulations regarding growing, zoning, processing standards, product standard, and even security. Legalization brings regulation and all states have compliance regulations for this industry. Be sure to master the regulations to prevent any issues in the future.

Marijuana Growers Insurance

Your assets cannot be fully protected in case of loss unless you have insurance, so it is ideal to invest in a marijuana growers insurance. There are a lot of things that can be insured. However, the policy depends on whether the cannabis facility meets the requirements. Some include,

  • Having secure storage systems in the facility
  • Having internal systems that are HVAC and electric approved and evaluated.
  • Maintaining proper facility security
  • Maintaining compliance and operational security systems.
  • Training and operational processes

Aside from meeting the defined regulations of the state, employee training is also important. It is important for employees to learn the ropes of the facility. Also, you need to adhere to the operational processes at all times.

Follow the security protocols set for the facility closely and train your employees to respond to daily security and safety concerns.

Hire Carefully

As noted earlier, internal theft happens as much as external theft. In some cases, it is more. The people who work with the products or crops often have more access. Also, they are barely suspected if anything goes wrong. You can prevent theft by upholding strict standards. It all boils down to the hiring process. When you are selecting staff, hire with caution. Ensure that all the employees in the facility are vetted and have background checks conducted on them.

General Outdoor and Indoor Security Measures

Perimeter and indoor security measures will go a long way to secure your facility. There are so many measures you can implement such as

  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Network systems
  • Security guards/personnel
  • Access control systems

The security needs to meet the operational standards of the state. Also, do not neglect extra security measures apart from the building. Other crucial factors that can protect your business include fences, protective lighting, signage, and defensive landscaping.

Why You Need Good Security Systems for Your Facility

There are a lot of reasons why your facility needs an excellent security system. One is that your business needs to comply with the regulations of the state. You must have operational and documented security systems in place. There are inspections to ensure that they are in place.

Also, you are at great risk of theft if you don’t install security measures, because cannabis facilities are desirable targets. With good security measures, you can keep the business safe from inside and outside theft.

Protection also enhances your business. When you have good camera systems and security apparatuses, your operations will be smoother and safer. This increases your chances of success. Ensure that you assess the options open to you before choosing a security provider for your facility.

Start by looking for a security company that has experience with cannabis facilities. This will show that they understand both local and state regulations. They would also understand the kinds of threats your business should be protected against.