Unrivaled Inc.: Home of High-Quality Cannabis Products

Unrivaled Inc. is a top manufacturer and distributor of quality brands of cannabis products. It produces edibles, flower products, extract, and vape cartridges. In addition to its popular brands like Korova, it also sells third-party brands in various product categories. Unrivaled excellent product innovation led to the production of unique cannabis concentrates and edibles. The company sells these products through its distribution channels.

This leading cannabis company has a wide distribution network with hundreds of dispensaries in several states like California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Besides, the company owns other facilities. Its retail outlet, The Spot, also offers delivery services. Unrivaled brands are leading in the cannabis market due to their high-quality and incredible consumer experience.

Formerly known as UMBRLA Inc., the company rebranded as Unrivaled Inc. It acquired Korova, a popular cannabis brand; LTRMN, a cannabis distributor; The Spot, a retail chain; and numerous dispensaries. With the acquisition of the best performers in the cannabis sector, is set to become a prominent cannabis operator.

Cannabis Products from Unrivaled Inc.

There are many brands of cannabis products but it may be difficult to find safe and high potency products. Besides, you may be confused about your choice of strain or flavor of the cannabis product. Unrivaled brands have a wide range of cannabis products across different categories. You are sure to find products, strains, and flavors that meet your cannabis needs.

The Unrivaled brands: Korova, Beaucoup, Cabana, and Sticks are among the popular brands of cannabis products in California and Oregon. The Korova, a leading brand from Unrivaled has high-quality products in various forms: cookies, tincture, chocolate bars, and others. This brand is also available in Arizona and Oklahoma.

Unrivaled brands have various products across the categories that cannabis consumers will love. Due to their passion to remain unrivaled, the company has continued to release high-quality cannabis products. Here are some of these unique offers.


One of the forms of Korova edibles is cookies. These products contain various quantities of THC and different strains of cannabis. The Korova Mini Dip cookies offer a hybrid strain of cannabis. They have 100mg of THC and are also available in the 50mg THC option.

The Korova Mini Dip cookies have half of each cookie dipped in chocolate. This combination not only adds flavor to the product but also gives it a delicious cannabis experience. They also have various flavors. They are available in these varieties: peanut butter dip, mint dip, chocolate chip dip, mocha dip, and cinnamon toast. Peanut Butter Cookies also contain crunchy peanuts.

Ginger Chews Mini Cookies are non-chocolate Korova cookies. It contains spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and ground clove. This product also contains hybrid cannabis and 100mg THC. There are other cookies from Unrivaled Inc., which include the Korova Biggie Cookies with 1g of CBD.

Chocolate Bar

Korova Black Bar contains 12mg CBD, 100mg THC, and 20g dried cannabis. It is the most potent edible from the Korova brand.


The Black Bottle is a high-potent Korova tincture, which contains 1000mg of THC. This cannabis product is water-soluble, gluten-free, and vegan. It is available in four flavors. You can mix this product with any drink such as water, smoothies, soft drinks, sparkling beverages, and cocktails. A drop (1mg) of this tincture can convert your drink into a THC-infused drink.

Hemp Wrap

Company offers an ideal cannabis experience with STICK Blunts, a tobacco-free hemp wrap. This hand-finished product contains only natural ingredients. If you smoke marijuana, you are sure to add STICKS Blunts to your favorites.

Cabana Flower

Cabana brand offers a boutique cannabis flower.  This product, made from specific strains of well-grown cannabis, provides a luxurious cannabis experience. Usually, the selected cannabis strains contain tropical terpenes.

Vape Cartridges

Unrivaled Inc. also produces vape cartridges. The Korova vape has a high dosage of cannabis with gas and haze flavors. This product is available in three flavors: Super Silver Haze, Gelato, and Mendo Breath.

Unrivaled Inc. has a wide range of cannabis products across various categories. These quality products will save you from trial and error if you need to find the strain and flavor of your choice.