pass urine drug test for marijuana

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test for Marijuana?

Drug tests are deemed to be an industry standard in many countries, and marijuana is one of the most common substances to be tested for. Although certain countries have made the usage of recreational marijuana legal, as per law, many companies still drug test, and your potential employer can still deny you employment on the basis of a failed marijuana test. But how are these tests conducted and how can you pass a urine drug test for marijuana? Let’s find out!

What Are Urine Tests and How Are They Conducted?

When it comes to detecting marijuana, urine tests are one of the most widely used methods. These tests aren’t just preferred for their low cost, but they are also deemed to be highly accurate as THC (one of the major ingredients of marijuana) remains detectable in your urine for a longer time than anywhere else. Due to this reason, you will find a large number of marijuana drug tests to be conducted on urine samples.

Usually, urine tests for marijuana are conducted via two methods. For the first method, you will be sent to an off-site facility where your urine will be collected and eventually assessed. The second method is an instant online screening, and it is gaining major prominence due to its simplicity and ease of operation.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Urine?

The amount of time marijuana stays in your urine completely depend on your smoking habits. If you’ve smoked for the first time, it is likely to stay for a week. If, however, you smoke regularly, THC can stay in your urine for 45 days or more.

How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana?

While passing a urine test might be difficult for heavy smokers, it is not entirely impossible. You can try the next couple of ways to pass this test:


Yes, when it comes to passing urine tests naturally, exercising is your top option. But how does it work? Well, the idea is pretty simple: cardiovascular exercises lead to heavy sweating, which in turn releases the deadly toxins from your system. The raised heart rate will then pump in fresh blood cells along your body helping you battle out any urine drug test. But while exercising is a great option, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it right before the test. This is because the entire process is a comprehensive one that takes a significant chunk of time. So, if you have a urine test any time soon, start working out at least two three weeks prior, and couple it with a healthy diet for best results.

Take Plenty of Fluids

It goes without mention that fluids play a vital role in helping you clear a drug urine test. But drinking water alone won’t help you work your way with the test. In addition to water, you also need to drink fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify your system. To start off, try drinking cranberry juice and/or tea along with heavy doses of water. Cranberries will cleanse your kidneys while also acting as a diuretic. But since it only masks the THC, it is always better idea to try other juices along with it.

Ginger root or green tea can be great options here as they come with natural antioxidants. You will find these teas as the ingredients of several detoxifying drinks, due to which they are really effective when it comes to passing a urine test. However, in order for this method to work, you have to combine right doses of tea along with water and cranberry juice. The main idea would be to have balanced fluids, so that it doesn’t raise any suspicion among concerned authorities.

Proper Diet

As THC is usually stored in your fat cells, getting rid of the high-fat foods from your entire diet can be a solid long-term solution for cleansing your body. You can begin by eating smaller meals with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits as the primary ingredients. Since veggies and fruits are high in fiber and relatively simpler to digest as compared to meat or dairy, they will move along your body faster and flush out the toxins with their natural vitamins and minerals.


While exercising can be a great way to induce sweat, sauna too is an equally effective option. Since sauna sessions compel you to perspire, they inadvertently create detoxifying impact that can help you pass the urine test. But do note that sauna alone cannot help you with the job. So, team it up with the exercising and the high-fiber diet for the best results.

Is There Any Other Way to Pass a Urine Drug Test for THC?

Getting rid of THC naturally is probably the best way to go about with the issue. But if you’ve been a heavy smoker and are looking for something with greater impact, try the following options.


You can take aspirin 4 to 6 hours before the test for a quick cheat. While aspirin won’t really cleanse your body, it will create an error in your test. This method works for initial immunoassay tests. So, if you have a similar one coming up, this can be a good option.


If you’re not comfortable taking aspirin, you can also take up mineral supplements as an alternative option. For instance, zink acts as an adulterant in ELISA urine test. You can either take it orally or add it to your urine sample to mask the THC. Another good option would be B2 or B12 supplements. These products work best when you’ve diluted your urine, as they add some color to it, making it appear more authentic.


Some substances like midol or creatine will act as a diuretic which in turn will compel you to urinate more frequently. This will help in getting rid of the THC from your system faster. However, while opting for this mode, do keep in mind that it might also affect the presence of natural compounds in your urine. Additionally, it can also damage your liver. Due to this reason, team up diuretics with lots of water along with mineral supplements.

Marijuana Detox Kits

Experienced smokers claim that the best way to pass a urine drug test for weed is to use a marijuana detox kit. It contains THC detox drink with pills that cleanse your system from marijuana in just 1 hour, and urine test device to check yourself at home and make sure you are clean. These kits are available online and have numerous positive reviews.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know how exactly to go about clearing your urine test, follow our guidelines and beat your marijuana test right away!