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How to Identify Top-Quality CBD?

With the increasing awareness about Cannabidiol and its use in a wide range of medical conditions, a lot of people are beginning to accept its use in various places across the world. Even in regions with strict hemp policies, steps are now being taken to help residents in such areas enjoy the myriad of health benefits of CBD. One implication of this improved awareness and use around the world is the higher number of manufacturers of CBD products. And considering that the CBD industry is not yet as regulated as some others, getting the best CBD products becomes more difficult; especially considering the wide range of options now available.

However, even with the improving clarity on the use of CBD products, there are a number of things to look out for in the purchasing process that can help you get only premium CBD products. The implication of not getting top-quality CBD products for use is that you might not get an optimal therapeutic effect in treating the condition you’re using the CBD for. Also, low-quality CBD products can contain some other unwanted ingredients that may lead to side effects in using the product.

Raw Material Used (Hemp Plant)

Firstly, it is important to recall that CGD is obtained from the hemp plant. So, when trying to assess the quality of your CBD product, it is important to try to find some information on the hemp plant from which it is obtained.

There are several strains of the hemp plant available with each strain have different percentages in the constituents of the plant. A number of manufacturers of CBD products do not use high-quality hemp plants at the beginning of their manufacturing process and this can be a major problem. As a “hyperaccumulator”, the hemp plant absorbs almost everything in the soil where it is planted including toxic heavy metals. This is why manufacturers who pay attention to the hemp plant used in their manufacturing process ensure that it is planted in rich soil. Hemp plants planted in an area where the soil is contaminated with a toxin may absorb the toxin which would then be found in any CBD product produced from the plant.

Some manufacturers, in order to maximize their profits, understand the importance of using high-quality hemp but still go-ahead to use low-grade hemp. Some other manufacturers, however, ensure that the right quality of raw material is used. Some even grow the hemp plant themselves to be sure of the quality of the hemp plant.

The Extraction Process

Also, another important thing to look out for when trying to find top-quality CBD products is the extraction process. Being a largely unregulated industry, a lot of manufacturers use different methods to obtain CBD Oil from the hemp plant. However, the most commonly used methods include;

1. The Whole-Plant Extract Method

This method is also called the full spectrum method of extraction. In this method, not only CBD is contained in the process of extraction. Some levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids are extracted in the process.

This implies that CBD Oil extracted using this method may not be as pure as using some other methods.

2. Isolate Method

Unlike the Whole-Plant Extract Method, the Isolate method produces oil that contains only CBD. Every other cannabinoid and chemical contained in the hemp plants are removed. CBD Oils produced using this method are purer.

3. The CO2 Extraction Method

The CO2 Extraction Method is said to the most efficient extraction method. Although it is more expensive comparatively and CBD Oils produced using this method might be more expensive.

Supercritical carbon dioxide is used as a solvent in the extraction process instead of other chemicals.

4. Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is the most common extraction method used in the production of CBD oil. Ethanol is used as a solvent in the extraction process. What makes this method preferable is that it is fast and cheaper than the CO2 Extraction method. It also produces pure CBD Oil.

When looking out for the method used in the manufacturing process, the price can be an indicator. Companies who used cheap extraction methods can afford to sell their CBD Oils are much lower prices compared to companies that have used relatively complex extraction methods.

CBD Oil produced using “supercritical CO2 extraction.” is often the purest. However, due to the much higher cost, a number of people might opt for the CBD Oils obtained using Ethanol extraction.

Certificate of Analysis

The third way to confirm the quality of your CBD Oil is to assess the Certificate of Analysis of the product. The Certificate of Analysis is usually issued by professionals who have taken time to analyze the product and possibly some of the raw materials used in manufacturing. A CoA (Certificate of Analysis) is made to reassure users of a product of the quality of the product. However, the process to obtain a CoA can be sometimes expensive and tedious and therefore not all manufacturers have it.

Not having a CoA does not imply a low-quality product. However, a CoA helps users of the product get comprehensive information about the product from a third-party source. Most manufacturers have their CoAs on their website. So, you can check out the website of the manufacturer before purchasing a CBD product. The CoA contains information on the level of CBD, terpenes, and other ingredients present in the product.

One of the things to look out for when checking the quality of CBD Oil is the THC level. THS stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is responsible for the ‘high’ that is associated with the hemp plant. The lower the level of THC in a CBD product, the lower the chances of any unwanted psychoactive effects and the better the quality.

As a form of alternative therapy, CBD now offers a lot of people workable solutions to an array of health conditions. Start enjoying the myriad of health benefits of CDB! Get only top-quality CBD products for your use today.