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How to Find High-Quality CBD Products?

We are all well-aware of the popularity the CBD products are witnessing on a global scale. In fact, the industry is speculated to value USD 1 Billion by the year 2020. From the health industry to the beauty industry, various industries are harnessing the benefits of CBD products. While it is certainly a good new that more people recognize the benefits of CBD, in a rather new and unregulated market, consumers must be cautious.  From including unlawful levels of THC to not containing CBD content altogether; around 69% of the products are mislabeled.

Therefore it is crucial for consumers to be cautious and aware while purchasing CBD products from the market. There is a lot of things that need to considered if you want to buy high quality CBD goods.

1. Check the Extraction Process

The final result of the CBD manufacturing highly rely on the method used to extract the oil from the Hemp plant. In order to extract the oil, certain pressure must be applied to the hemp plant, which will burst open the trichomes.

Subsequently, the plant will release its oils that are captured in a bottle and sold in the market. The methods that the company uses to insert pressure on the plan distinguish high-quality CBD products from substandard CBD products.

The pressure is exerted by the heat that signifies the usage of butane. Furthermore, the chemicals present in butane and cannabinoids oil infuse together. And when two aromatic chemicals amalgamate, it might result in a chemical reaction. Butane is considered as a harmful material that degrades the CBD products’ quality.

Look out for organizations that leverage food-grade ethanol or CO2 to extract the oil from the cannabis plant.  These are natural solvents that ensure that cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, are not hampered by any other substance.

2. The Spectrum of the CBD Product

There are two primary varieties of CBD products available in the market – CBD isolates and CBD broad-spectrum. There are more than 100 cannabinoids  present in the cannabis, and isolates CBD products only contain one of these cannabinoids.

Isolated CBD products are undoubtedly efficient, but in terms of quality, they lag behind. This is because CBD components work effectively unison, which is referred to as an “entourage effect.”

The broad-spectrum CBD products quality and efficiency are boosted by over 100 cannabinoids, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, amino acids, more than 30 terpenes, etc. Therefore by using broad-spectrum CBD products, you get a wide range of benefits offered by the cannabis plant.

3. Identify the Source of CBD Products

Ensure that your CBD products are sourced from the United States of America. Hemp is a highly regulated product in the USA; therefore, the products coming from there are likely to be in compliance with Farm Bill. Various environmental aspects, including climate and soil pH, can impact the quality of your CBD products. When you buy the CBD product, check where the company sources its products from.

4. Consider External Testing Reports

When purchasing CBD products, make sure that you know everything about the product. You hold every right to ask questions in order to gain all the relevant information. Furthermore, the suppliers of the CBD products must know the ingredients in the products. It is highly pivotal to check for external testing when choosing CBD products. These tests are excellent to ensure that the supplier is honest with you. Furthermore, the FDA doesn’t have any particular guidelines associated with CBD products as of now; therefore, third-party testing offers consumers the real facts. These tests can help you make a well-informed decision. When assessing the test, look out for the manufacturing formula. If you find any addition of  foreign chemicals, then it may cause a reaction. Involvement of such substances can make diminish the quality of the CBD product.

5. Go For CBD Products that is Enriched with Bioavailability

When we intake a product such as food, medicine, drinks etc., the acids in our stomach must be able to break down the product and dispense vital nutrients efficiently into the bloodstream. In this process, various nutrients from the food and drinks tend to vanish even before being absorbed by the body. This is the primary reason why you should opt for CBD products manufactured to optimize bioavailability. The popular entourage effect in such products helps with quicker and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

6. Packaging of the CBD Product

The packaging of a CBD product plays a prominent role in determining its quality. As soon as hemp is plucked, it starts to die due to the fact that it oxygenates and the cannabinoids begin to diffuse into the environment. Typically, CBD manufacturing companies go to a great length to preserve all the natural elements. In order to lengthen the life of the product, acquire products that come in glass containers instead of plastic. This is because glass is water-resistant, and it would not hold the moisture. However, glass is translucent as well and can impact the life of the product if exposed to the sun. Therefore, opt for a product that comes in amber glass.

7. Steer Clear From Unnatural Substances

Avoid buying CBD products that contain additives. And if you are purchasing flavored CBD products, then ensure they contain all-natural flavors. Moreover, make sure that the CBD products don’t have any potential allergens. The addition of any foreign substance impacts the quality of CBD products.

8. Manufacturers Confidence

A supplier that is selling quality CBD products will always back it up. If you are purchasing a quality CBD product, it must have a warranty. Look whether or not the company refunds the money to those who are not satisfied.

The growing popularity and acceptance of cannabis clearly prove how effective it is. However, similar to any other product in the market, it is vulnerable to dupes. Since CBD products are largely used for manufacturing health products, you must ensure that you get the quality in check. Purchasing low-quality CBD products can have a negative impact. Above are some important tips that will help you be mindful when purchasing CBD products. The research and time you put in while buying the product will help you ensure you get optimum benefits in the future.