best cannabis terpenes for sleep

What Terpenes in Cannabis Are Best for Sleep?

There are various factors that can result in insomnia, such as depression, anxiety, mental ailments, etc. Presently, one in three people experiences insomnia every year, and many reports to have trouble getting consistent sleep and experience tiring days. However, studies have found a blend of CBD, melatonin, and fragrant oils to be a great remedy for sleeplessness. The soothing element of terpenes is said to soothe the restless and tiring sleeping.┬áIn this article, I will explain which terpenes are best for a good night’s sleep?

Terpenes and Insomnia

Terpenes are referred to as aromatic elements found in the cannabis and other plants that provide protection from pests as well as predators. They are also among compounds that offer healing ability to the marijuana. Terpenes have a direct impact on energy, moods, sleepiness, and alertness, and they are one of the prominent reasons why people have been using CBD as a sleep remedy

While people mostly give all the credit to cannabinoids for relaxing effect, it is terpenes that offer certain sleep-inducing effects. Currently, researchers are studying more about this compound and its effect on the body and mind.

Best Terpenes for Sleep

You will find more than 200 different types of terpenes in cannabis. Therefore, it is imperative to know what to look for when choosing this compound for sleeplessness. Below are some of the best terpenes that stimulate sleep.

1. Myrcene

This compound is popular for its sedative effects and one of the popular kinds of terpenes found in cannabis. This is an earthy, fruit form of terpene that can be found in a wide range of plants such as thyme, basil, mangos, and lemongrass. Some types of sleep-promoting botanicals such as ylang-ylang, hops, etc. contain myrcene in a substantial amount, and it offers a couch-lock effect.

2. Linalool

Linalool is a compound that offers lavender its distinctive fragrance and is popular for its ability to stimulate sleep. Additionally, it is also considered to reduce anxiety and protect the body from the damages caused by stress. It can also boost the sedating hormone adenosine, helping you fall asleep faster. Cannabis boasted with Linalool has a floral fragrance and encompass strain in the Lavender, LA Confidential, and Kush family.

3. Terpinolene

It is one of the toughest terpenes to find; however, it contains special sedative potential that makes it worth the search. This terpene is commonly found in plants such as lilacs, apples, and many cannabis contain a small amount of it.

Terpinolene considered acting on your central system directly to stimulate drowsiness. Consider strain such as Dutch Treat, Ace of Spades, and Sensi Star to get the desired effect.

4. Caryophyllene

This compound is reckoned for its potentials to alleviate anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain due to its soothing analgesic properties. Additionally, it has a distinctive ability to hold directly with the receptors, thereby working as terpene as well as a cannabinoid. It has a peppery, spicy fragrance. You will find this compound in strains of Candyland, Sour Diesel, Death Star, Chemdog, and Cherry Pie.

5. Nerolidol

This is the compound that gives fresh fragrance to tea tree oil, lemongrass, and jasmine. Nerolidol is also referred to as Peruviol and is a more subtle form of terpene with adequate sedative effects.

In the studies, Nerodilol has shown positive anti-inflammatory and exert an analgesic effect, making it great for pain relief and inducing deeper sleep. You can find this compound in the strains of Sweet Skunk, Skywalker OG, and Jack Herer.

6. Pinene

This compound has two forms, including alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. Alpha pinene is an excellent remedy for people who are looking for a tranquilizing effect. Along with providing benefits of anxiolytic and hypnotic, it is also considered to induce the non-REM sleep level.

Pinene terpenes also exude a woody aroma that is similar to the pine forest. You can find this compound in orange peel, rosemary, and parsley. Additionally, Blue Dream, UW, and Bubba Kush are the strains to consider in order to find Pinene.

Above are some of the terpenes that you can use to induce restful sleep. It can be intimidating to choose the right terpenes among the option. This is why you should consult an expert and ensure that you choose the right terpenes and CBD to treat your insomnia.