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2019 Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Risks

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a growing in popularity as a possible medicine to treat a host of illnesses and general life problems. CBD is part of the marijuana plant, but because of the control substance status of marijuana; many of the benefits of CBD are still unknown. CBD is a natural derivative of marijuana that does not get the user high, unlike the THC portion of this well-known plant.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis plant. It is, in fact, up to 40% of the possible extract from the plant. It is a variety of cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. There are different strains and types of cannabinoids, but THC and CBD are the most well-known portion of it.

CBD Oil Benefits

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance by the FDA, but CBD, being a derivative of marijuana, is not marijuana. It, like hemp, must contain less than 0.3% THC to be outside the restrictions on restricted substance use. The CBD oil has many possible benefits for the user to enjoy though lack of research leaves little proof of universal benefits.

As with many medicines, the CBD effects are not universally the same for all people. The form of delivery is a prime factor in how well the CBD works to treat a particular illness or physical ailment. It is advisable to try CBD in multiple forms to find what works best for the reason treatment is sought.

What Health Benefits Are Possible from CBD?

Reports of CBD oil benefits indicate that it is good for mood disorders though tinctures are good as well. CBD oil for anxiety is a popular way of treating this sort of mood disorder. Depression also shows positive results for treatment. CBD oil for pain is a commonplace to start though in some cases the CBD and THC together produce the correct levels for full pain relief benefits.

Many people have reported it as a good way to treat insomnia for many adults and are proven effective for people dealing with PTSD. Reports have also stated it can alleviate symptoms from cancer patients including nausea, pain, and vomiting. This is especially true if the patient is undergoing chemotherapy. Reports are even referencing CBD oil as good for treating acne for its anti-inflammatory properties. Reports are showing it as preventing the sebaceous glands in the skin from producing excessive amounts of sebum.

Scientists are still looking into the possible neuroprotective capabilities of CBD oils. It affects the way the brain signals which is ideal for handling mood disorders, but several studies are also showing results that it can help treat disorders like epilepsy and reduces other movement disorders. There are even hopes that is effective in combating Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies done in connection to heart disease have found a possible connection for CBD oil usage. In the studies of healthy men; those who are given CBD oil had their blood pressure has dropped considerably compared to those that were given a placebo. There are hopes for stress and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD help with the blood pressure reduction.

How to Use CBD Oil

Using CBD oil is up to the user to figure out the best way it works for them, but they can try:

  1. Inhalation: CBD oil can be using a bong or a Vape pen. This is a good delivery method for those familiar with smoking CBD or THC products. It is a quick way to deliver the CBD to the bloodstream and bypasses the liver.
  2. Creams: There are topical creams made with CBD. This makes it easy for people dealing with pain to rub it into a particular area of the body and spot treat pain.
  3. Pure CBD oil, concentrates, and tinctures ingest straight into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane underneath the tongue. It can offer immediate and long-lasting relief for slow digestion of the oil.
  4. Edibles: Many types of CBD edibles are on the market. This includes gummies and other foods and beverages made with CBD oil. It makes it easy to be passed into the digestive system and delivering it the liver for slow metallization.

What Are the Correct Dosages?

The correct CBD dosage is one that works for the user. As with any type of medicine, dosages should be tested and correctly set for the amount of pain, anxiety, stress, etc. that the patient is experiencing. Because CBD is a derivative of marijuana, many doctors do not know much about the extent of benefits or detriments CBD might have for a patient so it is good to start small and work up to the correct dosage.

You should start with a standard serving which is around 25 mg and work upwards. The age of the user and the type of disorder sets the dosages higher Like starting epilepsy medicines, it is estimated that at starting with 200-300mg of CBD daily is a good dose, but it should be approached carefully for the correct dosage and interaction with other medicines.

CBD Oil Side Effects 

CBD oil side effects exist depending on the dosage and the person. It can also vary depending on the type of illness or results they are seeking. Most common side CBD effects reports are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite and weight gain or loss
  • Fatigue

CBD consumed in addition to other types of medications can cause additional problems might arise through drug interactions. There are no studies on CBD products and any adverse reactions. Users should be careful and aware of this fact while testing products.

Is CBD Oil Illegal?

CBD is and is not illegal. CBD is part of marijuana which is a schedule I controlled substance by the FDA which makes it illegal by the federal government. The states have been the option of adopting their own regulations for the use of marijuana products through medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana legalization.

47 states allow for some CBD legalization for medical purposes with 11 states and counting allowing for full recreational marijuana use. This makes CBD oil legal through most states with a medical marijuana card or fully legal if the state has allowed for recreational marijuana use to be passed. While more states are legalizing every year, it is best to check with a health provider to know what is legal before proceeding to try to purchase.

Final Thoughts

CBD in its multiple forms can have untold benefits for a person’s health and wellbeing. The length of time for effects to be noticeable depends on dosage, delivery method and the type of treatment used for. It is up to the user to figure out the extent of effectiveness and use it carefully. Because the studies are officially unavailable, drug interactions and possible side effects are possible before starting CBD to treat anxiety, depression or any other illness.