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How to Choose Quality Package for Your Cannabis Product

As a new and thriving industry, cannabis producers are exploring new packaging methods for their products. Presently, there are different opinions in the cannabis packaging industry with regards to how a product should be packed. Different products need different packages in order to ensure that it’s safe and secure to be transferred. Choosing the right package for a particular product is quite complicated. It becomes even more complex due to the fact that the different kinds of packages should adhere to the state regulations. In this article, we will highlight what cannabis package industry think about a different aspect of packaging.

Packaging Objectives

When you are choosing the right packaging for the cannabis product, it is important to ensure two things. First and foremost, the package should protect your products, and the other goal is to signify your brand’s story and create lasting impression. The product package is something through which your customers recognize you, so make sure it is able to do the same. Furthermore, you must also ensure that your package complies with the regulations. Consumers will not purchase your products if your packaging looks suspicious.

Finding the Right Packaging Partner

There are many suppliers of packages and cannabis packaging equipment in the industry, so the options for producers can be a bit overwhelming. When deciding on a packaging partner, it is important to choose a reliable supplier who understands the product and the brand. This way, cannabis manufacturers can ensure their reliable and long-lasting packaging source. The manufacturer should partner with packaging companies who understand the prominence of the right packaging and provide a quality package that pertains to the state regulations. The packaging supplier should be committed to success by providing top-graded packaging and don’t expose the business to any complications, legal or otherwise.

Finding the Right Package

It is difficult to find the right package for a cannabis product as it depends on a number of factors. Cannabis is extremely volatile in nature. It begins to degrading as soon as it is removed from the stem, after dried, after curing it and even after extracting it. Therefore, it is important to choose the package that complements the plant’s respiration process to maintain adequate weight and potency. A manufacturer must be aware of how the climate affects its product and select a packaging accordingly. Manufacturers should adhere to safety and preservation compliance when picking a packaging option. All these factors should be pertained to in order to make sure that businesses have the right solutions.


It is important to ensure that the products are being transported in an air-conditioned vehicle, and it is getting to the destination as soon as possible. If the product is in an intermediary container for a long time, then manufacturers must ensure that the package is of high-quality in order to protect the product. If it is being transported from dessert, then it will go through various temperatures varying from hot and humid. Producers must ensure that their products are packed and transported in a safe and secure manner. These are some of the important things that every cannabis manufacturer should ensure.

Packaging that Reflects the Brand

The package of your product should make a direct connection with the customers. From the color of the jar, material used to design, and how the packaging is displayed, everything is an important aspect in creating an overall brand experience. A well-reckoned brand needs to invest in packaging that looks high-end. A sleek and minimalistic approach is a popular trend in the cannabis packaging industry. On the whole, your product packaging resonates where a brand wishes to stand in the market.

Packaging Costs

The cost you invest in packaging entirely depends on the product volume you produce. Therefore, it is difficult to mention an exact number or percentage regarding this. Brands often use low-quality material in the initial stages in order to save money, however, that it is a big mistake. You might get attracted to the economic package, but in the long run, it will impact the integrity of your product and brand.  This is because damaged products will cost you more than what you would have invested in quality packaging. Therefore, invest in quality packaging early on in order to save money, time, and energy in the long run.

Brands Association with Dispensaries

Prior to working with dispensaries, you need to make sure that your packages compliance with all the regulations. Make sure that it doesn’t have a design that would attract people under 21, child-resistant, is resealable, and opaque. Vendors generally don’t accept packaging that doesn’t comply with the regulations. Moreover, bulky packages are often turned down by dispensaries. You should focus on creating packaging that is easy to stack on the shelf. It is a small detail that goes a long way when working with vendors in the market.

With countries starting to realize the potential of cannabis, the industry is thriving at an exponential rate. And cannabis packaging industry is simultaneously experiencing notable growth. The importance of quality packaging in this industry cannot be overlooked. The packaging is an important aspect of any industry, and cannabis is no different. Conglomerates, as well as small businesses, invest a substantial amount of money in getting the right package in order to showcase the right message to their customers.

Packaging cannabis is a complicated task as a package should meet the regulations that tend to change in every other jurisdiction along with communicating the right message. It must be attractive and entice customers to make the purchase. Your packaging should be unique in a way that customers can recognize your brand with it. Until advertising of cannabis products become legal, the packaging is the only marketing source a company has to create brand awareness and attract brand awareness. It is the first and the last thing that consumer sees when they reach the purchase point; therefore it is important that package is reliable, authentic and reflect your brand.