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How to Choose the Right CBD Product

The market for CBD has become extremely huge. Wellness companies are now doing so much to meet up with the demands of consumers and it has prompted most of them to churn out new CBD products every now and then. The standard of these products are becoming questionable, and so many prospective buyers are increasingly skeptical about these products.

No one wants to waste money on an ineffective product or a sham, so one of the most frequently asked questions from our readers is “how to find the right CBD product for me?”. Thus, to ensure that you make the right choice when next you are shopping for a CBD product, we have some amazing tips for you. These tips come as 5 questions you should always ask before you buy any CBD product.

How Was This Product Extracted?

Studies have shown that the extraction method of CBD oil directly impacts the makeup of whatever product you have at the end of the day.

CBD oil cannot be extracted without applying some form of pressure on the plant. It is this pressure application method that distinguishes CBD products of high quality from the ones of lesser quality.

As a prospective buyer of a CBD product, you do not want one extracted by heat. Butane will definitely be used in such process and that affects the quality of the oil because it is highly hazardous.

Thus, you need to buy products only from companies that use safe extraction methods such as food-grade ethanol or CO2. These are common natural solvents that do not alter the genetic makeup of the product during the extraction process.

What Was the Hemp-Growing Standard of the Product?

In your search for the right product, there is no doubt that you are particular about getting a natural product. It is therefore important that you buy products made from high-quality hemp and not one already exposed  to chemicals. These chemicals include pesticides which usually have adverse effects on the makeup of products.

Has the Product Been Tested by Any Third Party?

This is perhaps one of the best ways to know all you need about the quality of a CBD product. More often than not, the third-party reviewer has no reason to “fake” a test result. Thus, you can be assured of an honest result from such tests.

There are so many distributors that have carried out these third-party tests. You only need to find the test results. This is perhaps the best way to be sure of the makeup of any CBD product since there are only a few guidelines for these products from FDA presently.

There is something shady about a product that has no test results. It is most times an indicator that the company is hiding something from buyers.

How Was the Product Sourced?

CBD products are affected by environmental factors like climate and soil PH. Thus, you need products sources from a location with factors that support quality products.

How Is the Product Packaged?

Hemp leaves begin to die almost as soon as they are picked and that causes gradual  dissipation of useful cannabinoids. No wonder manufacturers try as much as possible to reduce the exposure level of their CBD products. When buying any CBD product, your preference should be products that come in glass containers because they are impermeable. Amber containers are also quality package for cannabis products because they prevent penetration of UV rays.

With the above questions in mind, we are certain that you will make the right choice on your next CBD product purchase.