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Why Water Soluble CBD Is Better than Oil Based

CBD oil has become more popular in recent times. Since they are oil-based products, CBD oils carry inherent limitations. They suffer bioavailability problems when they are used topically or ingested. The oil-based products do not absorb into the body and most of the time a large amount is flushed from the body despite being unused.

As the cannabis industry continues to advance in technology, water-soluble CBD has been introduced by Max Vera. This water-compatible product has some essential features that allow them to reduce cost per dose as opposed to their traditional counterparts. This article will explain how water-soluble CBD is a better option than the oil-based one.

Differences between Water and Oil-Based Products

Water and oil do not mix very well. So it can be a bit tricky for cannabidiol and other extracts that are oil-soluble because many supplements and products are not oil-based.

A lot of people are not aware that CBD in its oil form can be introduced to the body through only a few methods of uses. The most common delivery method is through tinctures that are not supposed to be swallowed.

This is because of the issue of bioavailability which shows how much of any substance can be absorbed by the human body. The body has processes that prevent the uptake of CBD oil when it is introduced to the stomach. This process is known as first-pass metabolism.

This process is also called the first-pass effect. It is a physical phenomenon in drug delivery science where the overall concentration of a substance is reduced greatly before it reaches the systemic circulation.

The reduction of this concentration points to a decrease in bioavailability. This problem is quite common as it affects several compounds such as morphine, lidocaine, curcumin, nitroglycerin as well as cannabis.

There is no way for CBD to make it through the hepatic portal vein system if it is swallowed in its oil state. It is important to note this first-pass metabolism is only a problem when CBD is consumed orally. However, there may also be some creative chemistry techniques to bypass it.

For instance, rubbing CBD on your skin, hitting a vape pen or dropping some tincture beneath your tongue allows the CBD to enter the systemic circulation. Since these delivery methods do not pass through the mechanisms associated with the metabolism, bioavailability isn’t affected negatively.

The first pass effect reduces the bioavailability of CBD oil if ingested through the mouth. This may mean that all CBD oil capsules on the market have low absorption rates. It is like taking a 20mg capsule with 5mg absorption levels.

The water-soluble CBD was introduced by brilliant scientists to address the problem. It can help users to overcome the metabolic first-pass effect.

One main way to get rid of the first pass effect is converting the naturally oil-soluble extract into a water-soluble compound. It is a better option since an average adult human is at least 60% water.

How does it work? Some producers use the self-emulsifying drug delivery system to improve the oral bioavailability of drugs that are poorly soluble. 

Why Water Soluble CBD Is Ideal

CBD extract in its natural oil state is a large blob. If this oil blob enters the stomach, it could be too large to pass the gut lining to enter the systemic circulation. It has to be broken down and passed to the liver for processing.

When you convert oil into a water-soluble powder, it breaks the oil blob into small micro-sized pieces. The pieces are tiny and encapsulated within non-toxic materials which ensure that they stay in the new form. The result of the conversion is usually a water-soluble, off-white, full-spectrum, microencapsulated, CBD extract.

After conversion, the compound completely overcomes the metabolic first-pass effect. It also allows CBD oil and similar compounds to be ingested by mouth without having to sacrifice bioavailability.

Converting CBD oil into a water-soluble powder is ideal because it increases the uses of the product. Most people do not want to use it as a tincture beneath the tongue or use a vape pen to be able to take their CBD oil dosage.

On the shelves of most health and wellness shops, you can find lots of drink powders and capsules. So by converting the oil form to a water-soluble powder, it will be easier to incorporate CBD into different products. When CBD is in water-soluble form, it opens up a new world of possibilities. It allows users to take capsules for precise CBD delivery and also makes it possible to add CBD to drinks or any other products you prefer.

Also, water-soluble CBD can be infused into almost anything without wasting the content. It can be infused into pasta sauce, added to a latte for a quick dose before work. It can also be added to smoothies before a workout session.

It is very clear that water-soluble CBD powder is ideal and has endless potential. It could be a good addition to everyday living. It would be difficult to drop CBD oil into the examples above because the absorption rate is quite low. It is just like receiving less than what you paid for.

A good wellness routine along with the use of a powerful plant substance like CBD can be a lot easier to follow. The cannabis plant has become an important part of our history. The human body has a complex and crucial endocannabinoid system that regulates immune and nervous system functions. Activating the system with CBD supplementation can be beneficial to everyone.


Water-soluble CBD is better than oil-based CBD because the former is easily absorbed by the body. First pass metabolism affects the uptake of CBD oil in the stomach. Most of the compound is wasted since the body does not use it. Water-soluble CBD, on the other hand, is broken into tiny pieces that can easily be absorbed. It is also a lot easier to use water-soluble CBD in teas, sauce, food and even other drinks.