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Pros and Cons of Smoking Marijuana With Vape

The weed business is booming and it turns out that smoking marijuana is not the only fun thing one can do with it. The whole new world of opportunities opens up with creative solutions that make sticky green omnipresent in our lives. Edibles and other products like cannabis oil and butter are taking over the market, showing us that there is a lot of room out there for innovative solutions in this growing industry. Nowadays, there are many options for consuming marijuana, you can read more at AskGrowers. Smokers market is being upgraded with a bunch of awesome marijuana smoking accessories that provide a new kind of experience and a fresh approach in cannabis consumption.

New Technology and the Benefits of Vaping

We who enjoy all the benefits of smoking marijuana are always eager to find new ways to improve our experience. We are well aware of smoking side effects so any innovation that aims to lower the risks associated with smoking is always more than welcomed. Vaping does precisely that and it does it with style. This innovative solution transforms the smoking experience into pure pleasure and it represents a healthier alternative for all cannabis lovers. Some of the crucial benefits concerning vaping are:

Vaping Is Healthier

Cannabis smoke just like regular tobacco smoke contains many toxic materials that we try to avoid. Inhaling marijuana through vaporized steam significantly reduces the concentration of toxins thus making it a more healthy alternative. Yout lungs and your heart will immediately feel these benefits as they will not be irritated and suffer pressure from inhaling concentrated smoke. This means that one will feel more invigorated thus ready to enjoy his daily routine without feeling fatigued or exhausted.

Vaping Is More Enjoyable

Let’s face it, marijuana vapes are just cool and stylish gadgets to have around and they add some touch of fashion and elegance to your whole smoking experience. Many traditional smokers are being converted into vapers because they enjoy the absence of usual nuisances like bad smell or eye irritation. Besides, vaporized bud compounds are more concentrated than in regular smoke which translates into more immersive smoking sessions. Your friends who might be non-smokers can benefit greatly from vaping since second-hand smoke exposure is reduced to a minimum.

Financial Benefit

Correct me if I am wrong but while each joint is passed in the circle of the chosen ones a lot from that smoke disappears before we got time to enjoy it. It just dissipates in thin air while your blunt is slowly burning away. It is a price that needs to be paid for getting those few good smokes that gets you high. Fortunately, one does not have to worry about these losses any more because vaporizers release concentrate fumes in a controlled manner. This means that pleasure lasts longer thus a lot of cash can be saved in the process.

Vaping Disadvantages

While we openly welcome new ways regarding pleasurable smoking there is always one group of traditional conservatives that like the old ways better. They openly question new technologies and state that the natural way about doing things is always a better solution. There is something romantic and more personal in rolling your blunt and growing your own plant. When one nourish something and watch it grow, he becomes emotionally attached to it. Some of the most common arguments traditionalists use can be summarized as follows:

New Tech Is Altering Your Experience

It is true that vapor does not taste the same as regular smoke so this overall sensation might feel somehow different. Some users like that harsh feeling that travels through your throat and regard it as an unreplaceable part concerning their whole smoking routine. They like the smell from fresh buds and those smoke clouds that float above their heads. Vaping sessions are more discrete so they provide a different kind of arousal that might not sit well with those who got used to rolling blunts with their own hands. We are talking about different levels of getting high so you will just have to try and then make up your mind.

Vaping Is a New Investment

For those just starting to get familiar with the wonders of vaporizers, this is a completely new playing field that requires slow learning which can be a little bit frustrating. You must get accustomed to a grinding process plus learn how to properly maintain your new equipment. This is a game of trial and error until one figures out the proper way of doing things. This can irritate a bit because a certain amount of cash and bud stash will go into oblivion in this process. It is like being a chef who is trying his new recipe numerous times until he gets all the ingredients right. 

How to Get the Best from Both Worlds

The transition from smoking to vaping can be an easy task for some but not such a pleasurable idea to others who doesn’t like new technology messing with their cannabis. One thing is certain and that is the fact that most users try regular blunt smoking first. This new generation of smokers might get their first taste of sticky green through vaporizer usage. This means that the main question is how to make vaping experience feels more pleasurable for traditional users? We have a few ideas and the main is by educating them about all benefits about vaping that eliminate those negative effects from regular smoke inhalation.

Other things to consider is saving money as this is a long-term investment. Let’s be honest, even our traditional smoking requires a certain amount of apparatus that needs to be maintained or replaced from time to time. Investing in some of the best vaporizers on the market and learning how to properly clean them will save you a lot of cash in the long run. Is this a future of marijuana? It absolutely is, so hop on this train and experience a new way of smoking with more style and elegance.