Is Hempworx a Good Company to Work For?

HempWorx is a popular network marketing company and itspecializes in CBD products. The company was established in May 2017 after it was merged with My Daily Choice. This firm is presently the parent company. The founders of Hempworx are Josh and Jenna Zwagil.

History of Hempworx

Jenna Zwagil fell ill in 2014 and she got no respite from orthodox medicine. She started to search for holistic medicine to alleviate her symptoms. She stumbled upon CBD oil extracted from the couple’s Kentucky farms. It succeeded in giving her promising results and she shared the products with others around her and got positive outcomes too. This was the start of a million dollar company.

The couple’s business model transitioned from a regular retail website to a large organization that employed more than 70 people with over 300,000 buyers from more than 60,000 affiliates. The company has been able to remain true to its purpose.

Is Hempwork a Good Place to Work?

Currently, the Hempworx company employs around 70 people in different roles. The average salary range for an executive in the organization is near $80,000 according to LinkedIn Salary. Since the company is a network marketing firm, it gives more people an opportunity to earn as affiliates.

Affiliates have two options to earn: by referral or by sales. This simply means that you can make money from Hempworx by referring others to sign up or by selling products from the company. The firm has a compensation plan for this program.

How can you become an affiliate? All you need to do is get a product pack and also pay an activation fee. The activation fee costs around $20. Users who have signed on will get access to a website, starter kit, and back office.

After you become an active affiliate, there is a minimum amount of product pack you can buy. It is the builder pack that costs around $69. Since the activation fee costs approximately $20, it brings the total sum to $89. This is what you need for your affiliate startup.

Aside from signing up as an affiliate, you also have an option to be a preferred customer. This type of customer is a lot similar to the affiliate program. However, it is quite different because there is no prerequisite to pay an activation fee. All you need for this program is signing up for a monthly auto ship.

This program has its benefits and it offers all preferred customers a free product when they introduce others to buy a product. This is how it works: if you succeed in convincing at least three people to buy a Hempworx product, you will receive one product free and shipped at no cost to you. This is an ideal option for people who don’t want to start an affiliate business. It is basically the first step many people take before becoming full affiliates of Hempworx.

So far, there are eight ways to earn money as a Hempworx affiliate. They include:

  1. Weekly paid retail customer commissions and preferred customer commissions
  2. Weekly paid jump start bonus
  3. Monthly paid binary commissions
  4. Monthly paid leadership check matching
  5. Monthly paid global bonus pool
  6. A one time bonus called rank bonuses
  7. Monthly paid VIP auto club
  8. Monthly paid elite expense accounts


So, what is Hempworx? It is a special CBD company that offers a line of CBD oil-based products. They include tinctures, pet products as well as topicals. All Hempworx products are derived from hemp whose CBD extracts are taken out through CO2 extraction. The company encourages customers to play an active role by becoming an affiliate for Hempworx.

It is a good place to work as it uses safe production processes as well as top notch technology. All this is done in a bid to bring great CBD products to life. The company uses strict quality control measures and employs chemists, researchers, and product formulators to carry out multi level production phases before putting it on the market. It also offers a 60-day money back guarantee to show how confident they are of the products.

Whether you work as a direct employee or an affiliate, Hempworx is a good company to work for.