stoner date

How to Date a Stoner?

Given how much the use of recreational marijuana has increased over the years, falling in love or having a huge crush on a stoner is not so much of an impossible occurrence these days. And, it’s not as bad as it sounds like (as long as he/she isn’t an addict). You will need a bit of patience and understanding, and you’ll see that dating a pothead is a lot like dating any other person.

Think about it this way: the girl/guy is amazing, and the weed is occasional, and with the two combined, you actually don’t have that bad a combination. Besides, if you’re not absolutely against smoking up once in a while, the boning between you two can be even better (it’s okay even if you don’t!).

So, here’s a lowdown on how to date a stoner. Read on and decide for yourself!

Have an Open Mind and Begin with Some Soul-Searching

First off: let’s bring up the elephant in the room. Do you smoke yourself? If not, then why don’t you? It’s time to engage in some soul searching.

So, are you allergic to it? Do you absolute hate the smell of marijuana? Has it got something to do with your job? Or, is it some other deeper personal issue?

When you have the answers to these questions, it is time to ask yourself if you can, at all, be with someone who smokes occasionally.

Get to Know about the Laws regarding Marijuana in Your State

Marijuana laws differ from one state to another, and you need to be aware of the regulations in your state.

So, for instance, if the laws of your state are not too weed-friendly, and you’re caught in your car with your stoner date, you’ll be arrested too. To be honest, that’s not something which usually happens, but it’s something you’ll need to address.

Set boundaries after you know the laws. Tell him/her not to smoke at the house or in the car. Be firm about the boundaries that you’ve set.

Watch Out for the Red Flags That Suggest an Addiction

Okay, so here’s a disclaimer: not all stoners are sweet and laidback. Some are just plain toxic, and there’s no guide in the world that can ensure your happily ever after with them.

So, when you note an addiction, ask him/her to find a remedy for it, and leave if he/she turns a blind eye to your advice.

Don’t Judge Him/Her Because He/She Is a Stoner

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to learn about dating a stoner is that you shouldn’t judge them. They anyway get a lot of flak from a section of the society, without needing it from you.

It’s just hurtful to constantly hear it from a special person that the way he/she unwinds is completely wrong. Your partner did not try to change you, and you should offer the same empathy to him/her.

Enjoy the Interesting Aspects of the Stoner Culture

You might not be a stoner, but you can still have so much fun getting to know the whole stoner culture.

Did you ever watch cannabis-related shows? Did you see ‘True Romance’ or ‘Soul plane’? Or, have you ever made a late, late night trip to Taco Bell? Oh, you absolutely should!

You’ll have a blast getting to know the stoner culture, and your partner would also love the fact that you are really trying to get to know his preferences.

Love Cooking? Try Your Hand on Some Marijuana Recipes

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, it’s not too different with stoners too! You just have to get to know the kind of food your partner reaches out for when the food cravings start after smoking up.

It can be something with marijuana in it (pot brownies or chocolate, maybe!), or some fries and cheese-dipped nachos. Win him/her over with your cooking!

To Sum It Up

So, there you have it! Your seven step guide on a stoner dating. Now, stop being so skeptical about it, and go on that date! You might just have the best date of your life, and can’t wait to see him/her again.