cbd in canada

Finding Quality CBD in Canada Matters!

You may have found this article because you are looking into the possibility that CBD can help with whatever ailment you are suffering from. I implore you to keep doing your research as CBD has helped so many people up to this point but there are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking to obtain CBD in Canada

The USA is a step ahead when it comes to regulation and CBD liquids over Canada and this all has to do with the 2018 FARM BILL that was passed in the USA. In Canada there seems to be a wild west approach to CBD liquids and because of the interest in CBD many people are getting in on the ground floor and trying to manufacture CBD products out of there homes.

When looking for a CBD product you want to ensure that it has been LAB TESTED to ensure the accuracy and quality of your product. Without proper lab testing you have no idea if there is even CBD in the products you are purchasing. Reliable online stores in Canada that provide lab testing, such as Chilliwack CBD, work with major manufactures in the USA and CANADA and have lab testing on all the products they carry.

Regardless if you are purchasing tinctures, lotions, balms and edibles, lab testing should be the number one consideration when purchasing CBD online.

Tips to Finding a Reputable CBD Source in Canada

Lab Testing – As we stated earlier, lab testing is one of your main things you should be on the lookout for. This would show the company you are purchasing from is selling quality ingredients and being fully transparent with the products.

Reviews/Testimonials – Does the company you are considering buying from have verified product reviews of testimonials on their website? If you cannot find it you could contact the company and see.

Google My Business Reviews – Does the company have a Google My Business status? Previous customers will usually post reviews about this company on Google.

Contact Information – The company you are wanting to deal with (if they are online) should have at least a phone number and email address. If they are not listing any contact information this could be a red flag. If they have a Livechat feature or Facebook account this is another communication method.

Online sources are not the only way to get your CBD. If you have a local dispensary nearby they probably will have CBD products but the same practice goes for them too, ensure you can ask them about lab testing and that they will let you see it. Most of the CBD products in dispensaries or licensed practitioners are derived from marijuana which typically makes the product more expensive as marijuana contains higher amounts of THC then it does CBD. Hemp on the other hand has higher levels of CBD and lower amounts of THC.

There are great resources and blogs out there in regards to buying CBD in Canada so just continue to do your research as CBD is a great option if you have any of the ailments that CBD can help with.