e-nail with cannabis concentrate

Should You Use E-Nail for Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates?

Dabbing may feel overwhelming at first, especially if you are new at this. If you too wish to dab cannabis concentrate, then ensure that you are at least aware of its ins and outs.

Dabbing, primarily is the vaporizations of cannabis concentrates when applied to any hot surface. When the vapor comes out of the dab unit, you inhale. A cannabis concentrate is considered more powerful as compared to marijuana. So if you are new to it, then try to go slow. Buds are tested between 10 to 25% THC, whereas cannabis concentrates hold 40 to 80% of THC. The power of these concentrates entirely depends on the type. You can also opt for a non-intoxicating CBD to get the therapeutic effect with a very little cerebral euphoria. However, these oils are extremely rare to find.

What is Cannabis Concentrates?

The cannabis plan comes with complex chemical substances that can be used in various products. These compounds have a significant effect on the smell, flavor, look, and texture of a product. They also offer psychoactive or physiological effect, which explains its growing popularity across the globe. Cannabis concentrates essentially denotes to a product that is produced by the integration of trichomes. Trichomes are one of the most important components of the cannabis plant.

As opposed to marijuana, cannabis concentrates provide more powerful high, an extensive consumption method, and prompt action. The ideal dose of cannabis concentrate depends on various product and the tolerance level of various individuals. Cannabis concentrates are used in various products today.

How to Test the Purity and Potency of the Cannabis Extract?

You need to consider multiple factors in order to determine the quality of cannabis extract. It is not something that you can detect from your naked-eye. Generally, a quality extract has light golden color oil; however, the texture and consistent alone don’t reflect the purity of the product. Check for the lab testing of the extract. It is the most important factor while determining the quality of the cannabinoid content. If you buy half a gram of cannabis extract, it can last you for around a week, granted that you are a moderate dabber. However is you have a high tolerance level, then it might last you a day or two. Typically a half gram cannabis bottle can provide you around 20 dabs.

Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates Using E-Nails

Getting the right temperature consistency make a world of difference while dabbing cannabis concentrate. When the temperature is too cold, the dab will accumulate at the base, not emitting enough vapors. Conversely, when the temperature is too hot, the vapor will end up tasking like melted plastic.

Conventionally, butane torch is used to attain that optimal temperature. However, they do not offer a consistent temperature throughout, creating inconvenience to the dabber. With the advent of technology, dabbers witnessed the invention of a new technology known as the enail, which would solve their problem. This device uses electricity to achieve the right temperature in order to offer the perfect dab ever time.

What is an E-Nail?          

Electronic nails or e-nails have been around for many years now. However, their popularity witnessed a new peak post the concept of cannabis concentrate started to get the hype. Their demand rose exponentially, making them pricey and hard to get in the market.

The e-nails are integrated with a controller box that offers heat via a coil that connects with the nail directly. The controller boxes ensure the nail hold controlled temperature, allowing users to enjoy consistent heat with a mere touch of a button.

How to Use an E-Nail for Dab?

In e-nail, all one has to do is turn the device one, set a temperature, and wait for it to indicate that it has reached the desired temperature. Once the unit is ready, a dabber can enjoy unlimited dabs without having to worry about temperature consistency. It offers control to the dabber, enabling them to use the rigs to extend consistent results optimally.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electronic Nail?

Along with offering consistent temperature control, electronic nails come with many other benefits. To begin with, e-nails eliminate the reliance on butane as the go-to dab input. While butane is easier and cheaper to obtain, it fails to maintain the temperature consistency, making unsustainable. Moreover, people have better access to electricity as opposed to refined butane to light with the torch.

Moreover, e-nails can be operated using very little power and often last for hours, allowing dabbers to enjoy continuous dabs. Today, in a majority of cannabis festive, vendor booths that provide cannabis dab sample use e-nails setup because of its durability. The traditional device fails to provide higher numbers of dabs in such a limited time span.

What Are the Risks Associated with E-Nail Dabbing?

Similar to other dabbing devices, e-nails come with their share of risks. Electronic nails can reach a very high temperature, even more than 1000 degree Fahrenheit. So if the dabber is not careful, he or she could get harm. Using e-nails require individuals to hold a certain degree of responsibility. Furthermore, leaving these units unattended can also cause significant damages.

Furthermore, dabbers should be extremely careful while using this devised in front of exposed elements. An e-nail is walking fire hazard and should not be fired up around flammables. While it is a great device, an e-nail should be used cautiously and with utmost responsibility.

 Above content clearly depicts the use, benefits, and challenges associated with dabbing cannabis concentrate with e-nail. For people who enjoy dabbing cannabis concentrate should definitely invest in this product. While it might seem expensive, it is only going to save time in the long run.

It is also a comfortable, dabbing tool for people who dab socially. One tool can be used by a group of people, and all of them can enjoy more and consistent dabs. If one is careful and responsible while using electronic dabs, then this is a dabbing tool that is worth the value.