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Can You Drive after Taking CBD?

Cannabidiol is now being used as a medicinal agent to treat several physical and mental ailments. As it has been made legal in many countries, the use of cannabidiol has only increased. Since scientists and researchers have found the medicinal benefits of CBD, more and more people are inclining towards CBD products to relish its benefits. Cannabidiol has been proven to provide people with plenty of health advantages including managed blood pressure, reduced stress, increased skin rejuvenation, etc. 

CBD can be used in multiple ways and there are various products available in the market, that’s one of the fascinating things about this substance. It comes in CBD oil, gummies, topicals, e-liquids and many other products. People have even started using CBD in their daily lives and realizing its benefits. 

Apart from the multiple benefits of consuming CBD, there are certain things about it that might be sceptical. 

Why Is CBD Connected with Driving?

Due to its recreation effects, CBD is often related to driving. There are plenty of people who have a question juggling in their mind, i.e., can we dive after taking CBD? Since CBD is a newly found compound that has been helping people with so many health benefits, people are not properly educated on the topic which makes them confuse CBD with driving. People have a common concern while taking CBD before driving, will it make them high when driving. 

CBD under the wide banner of marijuana comprises a common stigma which is “get you high”, thus, people are worried about consuming it while driving. It is quite evident that driving requires concentration and attention, and people are concerned whether CBD can make it difficult for them to drive. 

Can You Drive with CBD in Your System?

CBD products contain THC that is responsible for the impairing effect (getting you high). Those that are available for consumption have a lower level of THC that decrease the impairing effect. Hence, the amount of THC in your CBD product determines if you can take it before driving or not. If it has below 0.3% of THC, it is safe for driving. 

So, the answer to the above question is a clear yes. You can drive with CBD in your system.

CBD reacts with two receptors, CB1 and CB2 which are present in the endocannabinoid system. Both receptors help humans in performing plenty of functions that include pain management and appetite regulation. When you consume CBD it starts reacting with these two receptors and eventually allows your body to work smoothly, but it cannot alter your mood and it will never intoxicate your system by any means. So, you can safely drive with CBD in your system. 

While there are no possible side effects of consuming CBD before driving but sometimes it might differ from person to person. Some people might feel some side effects like lightheadedness. So, as a precautionary measure, you must take a low dosage of CBD before driving.

Tips for Driving with CBD in Your System       

Though it is completely safe to drive on CBD, it is always better to keep some tips handy for superior safety:

1. You Know Yourself Better

Every person has a different system that works differently. You know about yourself better than anyone else. When you take CBD before driving and don’t feel good about it, you should pull over and wait till you feel you can move ahead. Rather than ending up in an accident, it is better to stop and be safe.

2. Tolerance Level

When it comes to CBD, everyone has a different tolerance level. This means if someone is taking a high dose of CBD, it doesn’t mean that your system can also tolerate the same level. Refer to the tip one and understand that your system is different from others and their tolerance level will not work for you as well. 

3. Take Some With You 

It is often seen that people get stressed out while driving that can result in concentration issues. You can also think about taking some CBD along with you. CBD today are available in different forms, so you can probably take some lighter dose to take while diving as a de-stressing element.