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Are Marijuana E-Pens Safe?

There have been recent reports of health issues and deaths associated with e-cigarettes and vapes. Several people have died as a result of a respiratory disease connected to vaping. In these cases, the victims used black market THC cartridges. Massachusetts has banned vape pens for this reason.

All of this has caused many people to question whether or not marijuana e-pens are safe. They are similar to e-cigarettes, which can be concerning as well. Often, e-pen advertisers use the claim that they can deliver a “cleaner high”. They are considered a safer, cleaner alternative to other methods.

One major concern is that liquid cannabis cartridges are new. There have not been a lot of studies on them, so it can be difficult to say whether or not the e-pens that use them are safe. Plus, with the reports of respiratory disease from vaping, much more research needs to be done on marijuana e-pens.

Some people still choose to use e-pens currently, even without the research. Is this safe? Well, as of right now, the biggest problem with cannabis concentrate oil is that there are other chemicals involved in the extraction and thinning processes. The oil has to be thinned, which requires chemicals. Without thinning the oil, it is too thick to be used in a pen.

Using a more expensive e-pen may be able to help with this. Cheap pens use a higher temperature to sublimate cannabis oil. This then adds to the health risks of using an e-pen. If you purchase a more expensive, high-quality e-pen, you can protect yourself from some of these risks. Look for a reputable manufacturer and do your research. Usually, going with a legitimate cannabis source is your best bet. 

There are pros and cons to using e-pens to smoke marijuana compared to using other methods. There is a fair amount of each, which means you will have to compare them to find whether using a marijuana e-pen is right for you.

Pros of Marijuana E-Pens 

Here are a few pros outside of health for using e-pens:

You can control the level of cannabinoids you’re using 

Often, e-pens have temperature control settings, which affects those levels. This can also help to save you money.

You are heating the cannabis rather than burning it

This allows you to fully experience the flavor. Other methods do not have the same effect.

You can use the e-pen less obviously

Some methods are not easy to conceal because they do not produce smoke. This makes it simple to use an e-pen on the go.

E-pens do not produce smoke

One of the dangers of smoking is inhaling the smoke, whether it’s from tobacco or weed. By using an e-pen, you can prevent that.

E-pens are easy to take on the go

Everything is in the e-pen and ready to go. Other methods require more preparation, such as rolling a spliff.

Cons of Marijuana E-Pens

On the flip side, there are always cons to anything. Here are some drawbacks of using e-pens for marijuana. 

The high may be weaker

Compared to other methods, the e-pen doesn’t give you as strong of a high as other methods do.

Your e-pen will require maintenance

To ensure your e-pen continues to function properly, you will need to clean it regularly. You don’t have to clean it every time you use it, but you want to keep it clean and ready to use.

You will need to charge your e-pen

Most e-pens last for several uses before they need to be charged.

The cost might deter you

E-pens can be pricey. Plus, you will need to buy cannabis oil for it too. It’s important to buy a high-quality e-pen for your safety, but that will come with a higher price tag.

The Choice Is Yours 

Overall, marijuana e-pens can be safe if you make sure you are using a high-quality product. As of right now, there is not enough research about marijuana e-pens, which makes it difficult for consumers to know whether they should use them. Because e-pens are increasing in popularity, there should be more research available soon.