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Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors (in a Grow Cabinet or under UV Lights)

The use of alternative medicine is steadily growing around the world, with more people making the shift from conventional medicine. A good example of alternative medicine that keeps on being embraced is medical marijuana.

With increased legislation giving the green light to the medical applications of cannabis, people are beginning to grow the plant. And they are doing it very close to home; in their indoor gardens!

When it comes to indoor cultivation of the marijuana plant, there are several crucial considerations to be made that will prove instrumental to the healthy and successful growth of the plant. The first thing to get is a grow tent or cabinet, which houses the plants to be cultivated.

Grow tents are available in different sizes and the right size for you will be determined by the amount of free space you have in your home. Fortunately, these structures have a very small footprint that allows them to be comfortably set up in the most cramped up of spaces.

Generally, grow cabinets comes with reflective inner walls that assist to maintain the conditions of the enclosed environment where the marijuana plants are growing. They are easy to install and feature observation windows where you can follow the progress of your plants.

Another crucial item that is used alongside a grow tent for indoor cultivation is a grow light. LED grow lights are the most popularly used and these provide the right light conditions for the plants to grow. They produce a spectrum of light that enables plants to flower and manufacture food.

The LED light is normally hung from the roof of the tent and illuminates the plants below. The shiny and reflective surface of the tent walls enables to keep the light inside for maximum “consumption” by the cannabis plant while preventing leakage to the outside.  

Your indoor vegetation will require fresh air to thrive, and this is provided by a steady stream of CO2 into the tent to facilitate photosynthesis. This is easily achieved with the installation of an exhaust fan that removes the warm, used air while allowing in filtered air. 

Furthermore, you’ll need a medium where you can grow the cannabis plant. These can take a variety of forms, the more traditional being the use of soil. Good old-fashioned pots of soil are placed in the grow room or the soil poured on the tent floor so that you cultivate your plants the vintage way.

Alternatively, you can use a hydroponic medium which involves placing trays of concentrated mineral solutions with salt nutrients that are absorbed directly by the roots of the plant. This is a faster growth technique as the plants can take up the nutrients more quickly.

Once you have all these things in place, you’ll need to control and monitor the internal conditions of the grow room to maintain a stable environment. This will include parameters like temperature, light, CO2 levels, humidity, etc. to make for an optimal growing environment for the highest yield. 

Indoor cultivation is the new popular trend that many enthusiasts are adopting to ensure that they have their choice of alternative medicine within touching distance at all times. With the right strain of cannabis, you won’t have to visit the local pharmacy for a prescription.