CBD ailing pets

Can CBD Products Help Ailing Pets Get a New Lease on Life?

The whole world is talking about CBD and benefits we could reap from using it. Whether we are using CBD oil for chronic pain management or the most basic purpose (for example, a relaxing massage), it seems like everybody is talking about it and is eager to try it out.

That is not surprising as we are becoming more interested in our wellbeing and using natural products to either boost our health or manage health problems. It is a far more appealing prospect than running to a drugstore and popping pills.

Because our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that plays an important role in regulating mood, fertility, sleep, appetite, and memory, the use of CBD is not surprising.

However, CDB has a wider application. After having tried various medications that either proved ineffective or had terrible side effects, many pet owners have started using it to help their beloved pets.

What Does Science Say about Using CBD for Pets?

This is a bit of a slippery slope at the moment. Since CBD is still predominantly used for humans and research and studies are not prolific, even less can be found about CBD and pets.

However, a lot of US owners swore they were able to manage their pets’ health problems more effectively since they started administering CBD.

CBD for Dogs and Cats 

Dogs have the title of being man’s best friend. So when our best friend starts having health problems, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help. Unsurprisingly, CBD products have first been given to dogs, especially those either fighting anxiety (people use it for the same purpose) or dealing with common health problems like arthritis and joint pain.

What is important to know is that products that contain high levels of THC are dangerous for animals and should not be used, but CBD is considered safe for pets. Aside from being used for treating chronic pain and anxiety, some dog owners are using CBD for treating seizures and similar conditions. 

To better understand the effect of CBD on pets, a study was conducted at Colorado State University that involved dogs suffering from epilepsy. The study showed that dogs had less frequent epileptic seizures.

CBD has also been administered to cats, especially to those who have often been aggressive. Other common cat diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, and pancreatitis, can also be treated with CBD products.

However, since studies on CBD and pets are still scarce, consult your vet before administering CBD as dosage can often be an issue. Additionally, if your pet is already using some medication, different side effects may occur if you start administering CBD without consultation.

CBD for Horses

Horses are animals that also experience health problems that could be treated with CBD. There are 1.6 million horses in the US and, as powerful and majestic as they are, they often suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, colic, laminitis, and arthritis.

While studies on CBD for dogs and cats are scarce, even less is known about administering CBD to horses. Again, individual cases are all we have, and some owners are vocal about their horses showing significant improvement due to the CBD treatment.

CBD is not allowed in competitions as the USEF banned it. Therefore, owners need to stop giving CBD to their horses several days before the actual competition.


The bottom line is that owners who are considering CBD for their pets have to do research and consult their vet, especially when it comes to proper dosage. Also, the key to using CBD products is making sure you are purchasing a high-quality product. Choose companies that have done sufficient testing and have obtained the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to be sure that you are buying quality products that have less than 0.3% THC.