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How Does Massage with CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of hype around cannabidiol oil and its use in medical science. According to scientists advocates of CBD oil, there are many benefits of CBD oil, and people are using it in so many different ways. From foods to beverages and bath bombs, the use of CBD oil has streamlined in some many ways. Nevertheless, there is one use of CBD oil that is still nascent but considered one of the effective ways to foster a sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Yes, we are talking about massage with CBD oil! The art of massage and therapy has been practiced for centuries. However, it may be the first time that CBD oil has been used for such a venture. There are many benefits of massage, such as it lowers stress levels, improves sleep and relaxation, and relieves muscle pain and stiffness.

Now, given that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is considered an anti-aging agent, scientists have found several ways cannabidiol oil deepening your sense of relaxation and pain relief.

With that said, let’s discuss how massage with CBD oil makes you feel.

What Are the CBD Massage Oils?

CBD massage oils are oils that contain cannabidiol, which is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis. Now don’t confuse between CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive, so it won’t throw you off your senses once used. Simply put, CBD won’t get you high. However, it does contain certain elements that provide relief for a plethora of health conditions, including severe childhood epilepsy as well as chronic arthritis pain.

If you are considering CBD massage oil, there are two primary benefits of that will be of your particular interest:

  • CBD oil for Stress Relief: CBD acts as a natural analgesic and, thus, has shown to reduce the signs and symptoms of PTSD and social anxiety.According to proven studies, CBD oil incorporates anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antidepressant-like effects that may promote relaxation.
  • CBD oil for pain relief: In a study conducted on rats suffering from arthritis, it was found that massaging CBD gel into the affected areas saw a reduction in inflammation, and therefore, pain. This improved movement. According to scientists, CBD oil may also help an individual relieve muscle soreness and temporary inflammation caused by exercise.

Many people get massages and physical therapies to cope with pain, whether temporary or chronic, as well to relieve stress and relax. Experts believe that massage with CBD oil may enhance the effects of the process and may give you optimum satisfaction.

Apart from either of the benefits discussed above, one side benefit of CBD oil massage is how it makes your skin feel hydrated and replenished. CBD oil can help lubricate your skin and prevent any chafing or drag from your massage therapist’s hands.

Cannabidiol massage oils are formulated with a similar texture to regular massage oils that moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy or oily residue. Moreover, oils like jojoba oil, almond oil, or coconut oil, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also present in abundance in CBD oil. All these elements are known for their healing effects and may help promote healthier and stronger-looking skin.

What Is CBD Oil Massage?

A CBD oil massage is just like any other massage, but the only difference is that your massage therapist will be using CBD oil instead of any other essential oil.

As discussed earlier, CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. So a massage with CBD oil might leave you feeling more relaxed than usual.

It works in a way that it occupies your local cannabinoid receptors in your dermis. This, as a result, works with your bodily systems to keep and maintain things in a state of healthy balance. This includes your pain response, mood, your body temperature, and even your appetite.

CBD binds your cannabinoid receptors through your skin and this interaction can produce stress-relieving or pain-relieving effects.

This is the reason why massage with CBD oil is recommended for people suffering from chronic or temporary pain, individuals looking for stress relief, and athletes experiencing muscle soreness or recovering from injury.