are cannabis seed banks legit in the US

Are Cannabis Seed Banks Legit in the US?

The United States is known as one of the most progressive states in the globe when it comes to cannabis use. Some states in the U.S. allow marijuana to be used recreationally and medically. Federally, it is still illegal and since this legality isn’t nationwide, it can be challenging for people who want to plant weed on their property.

Sadly, there are few reliable seed banks in the U.S. Even if you live in a state that has legalized marijuana, it may be difficult to find a store that sells cannabis seeds of high quality. Some online black-market sellers have the product, but it may be difficult to find the one you can trust as well. According to Full Spectrum, lots of cannabis growers in the United States rely majorly on seed banks from countries that offer international delivery.

Are Seeds Banks Legit?

Cannabis laws vary from state to state and the same applies to the cannabis seeds. For instance, in some satates you can legally purchase cannabis seeds that can grow up to six plants for recreational use, but this is not the same case in other states. The legality depends on the resident state where the seeds will be used. Even if there are cannabis shops in the region, you need to make sure that the limits are clear to remain legally compliant. This conflict between federal and state laws has created a legal quagmire.

However, there are lots of places that have cannabis seeds for sale. In states where cannabis is legalized, it is possible to pick up the seeds or plants at local retailers. It is a convenient option for many people while others prefer the option of buying it online.

How to Choose a Seed Bank?

So far, there is a small community of seed bank owners in the U.S. the more established cannabis seed banks function in regions where cannabis has been legalized for a longer time.

You can start your search for cannabis seeds on the internet. However, the online seed banks may not be of good quality. Be sure to check reviews before buying so you can be sure of the quality of cannabis seeds you are purchasing.

If you can find a reliable seed bank in the United States to buy from, then go right ahead. After receiving your seeds, how can you be sure that they are high-quality seeds? Here are some factors to look out for when choosing cannabis seeds:

The Color of the Seed

When you know when the seed should look like, it’ll be easy to tell if the product will be healthy. Dark colors could mean the seeds are mature enough to be grown. Some dark ones have prints like animal prints. The ones with strains can be identified by the stripes on the seeds. Such seeds may either be Sativa or Indica strains. Some also contain hybrid strains.

When the seed has a light color, it likely means immaturity. Healthy, mature seeds need to be grey or black and not green or white. The light-colored ones may not flower and won’t germinate.

Check Durability of Seeds

The appearance of your seeds is not the only thing to consider. The durability is another one. When a seed is hard, it indicates that it is mature and can be planted immediately. A soft outer part of the seed means it isn’t viable enough and cannot be good for growing.

Also, if the seed appears like it can be crushed easily under pressure, it is most likely of poor quality or too old. Do not waste any valuable time planting such seeds because they will break and not germinate.

The Flowering Time Is Important

Usually, the flowering time for marijuana seeds vary. It mostly depends on the kind of seed. One example is the Amnesia Haze. It is a common kind of feminized cannabis which flowers 10 -11 weeks since planting. When you plant this seed, you should expect it to flower around this time. If it doesn’t, then it is not fresh.

Even though marijuana seeds can be kept for close to ten years, there are strict methods used to preserve it. If these methods are not followed, then the seeds will not produce healthy plants. Also, the old seeds take a longer time to germinate than other seeds grown in excellent conditions.

Buying cannabis seeds from legit banks in the US guarantees that you have only the highest quality products available.