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What Seeds To Choose For Growing Weed

The growing season is back and everyone is readying their farming materials to put plants in the ground. With the legalization of marijuana in most states in the U.S., more folks than ever are willing to try out their luck in cannabis farming. While this has proved to be a smart farming, how much do you really know about cannabis farming?

Before I even congratulate you on deciding to embark on marijuana farming, do you have the slightest idea on how the process even starts? Well, am not here to kill your hopes of embarking on indoor or outdoor pot horticulture. What am trying to do is simply to motivate you by offering you the necessary knowledge before you start growing marijuana.

Having said that, this post will give you a comprehensive overview of what you need to know before growing weed and most importantly discuss the best seeds you need to choose if you really wish to make handsome money in this sector.

What type of “High” do you want?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself before embarking on marijuana farming. Although there are two major types of strains available in the market (sativa and indica), most marijuana strains today have been hybridized (crossbred) leaving you with multiple options to choose from. Here are some of the major genetic types of the cannabis plant.

  • Sativa: this type of cannabis plant is usually tall and thin and it takes quite a long time to mature. Unlike indica, sativa produces a better yield and its “high” is usually more energetic giving you a more creative mind.
  • Indica: this cannabis plant is usually shorter and bushier as compared to the sativa. It matures earlier and gives lower yields. Its “high” is usually more lethargic allowing you to rest and relax better.
  • Ruderalis (auto flower): these cannabis strains grow faster than usual due to their ability to consume light 24 hours a day. Despite their accelerated growing speed, these plants lack potency and are crossbred with other cannabis plants to improve their THC levels.
  • Hybrids: finally we have hybrid cannabis plants. In this case, male and female cannabis plants are crossbred through carefully selective breeding processes to create a new variant of a plant called a hybrid. Although there’s always the dominant strain, the psychoactive experience is usually a bit different.

Do you have enough space?

Depending on the type of plants you wish to grow, marijuana strains can grow as tall as 6” to 8” provided the rooting system allows. The size and height of your cannabis strains are determined by several key factors some of which include; the genetics, root size, pruning and training.

In most cases, some plant types such as sativa generally grow taller with long heavy buds while the indica types grow shorter and bushier with large buds. With this in mind, always choose a space that will fit your specific seeds. Depending on the amount of space available, you can decide to grow your marijuana either vertically or horizontally either by pruning them or by using netting techniques.

Are you growing cannabis indoors or outdoors?

One major advantage of growing cannabis indoors is that you get a chance of harvesting more yields per square space as compared to outdoors. However, there are so many costs involved such as energy costs and maintenance costs if you ever wish to be productive.

On the other hand, if you’re growing marijuana outdoors, you need to think of the type of seeds you’re planting in relation to your geographical location, temperature fluctuations, climatic conditions, privacy and proximity to neighbors.

Feminized vs all-natural seeds-which one is better?

Just like humans, cannabis to has male and female sexes. Now, when buying seeds, you need to ask yourself whether to go all-natural or buy feminized seeds. All natural seeds offer an equal measure of male to female seeds while feminized seeds are guaranteed to grow female cannabis plants only.

Now, following the huge cost of growing marijuana indoors, most cannabis growers will definitely go for feminized seeds as no one will be ready to waste indoor space, energy and maintenance cost growing unwanted male plants.

Now, having offered you everything you need to know before growing marijuana, this post will now discuss the best seeds you need to choose for growing weed.

Amnesia Haze

First developed in Holland by an American expatriate, the Amnesia Haze is one of the terrific seeds that suit most beginner cannabis growers. Also called psychedelic, this cannabis seed produces high yields of up to 70-80 grams per plant. The Amnesia Haze produces smoke with a fruity flavor and takes quite a long time to reach fruition. Since this seed is susceptible to pests and diseases, it’s preferably grown indoors rather than being grown outdoors.

White Widow

Another cannabis seed that has gained worldwide recognition is the White Widow. A crossbreed between the Brazilian sativa and the Indian indica, the final plant is very potent leaving users with a strong high than ever. The reason why it’s named the White Widow is due to its smooth white crystal resin that forms on its buds.

The White Widow takes 60 days to get to fruition and is mostly recommended to beginner growers due to its low maintenance. Although cannabis farmers can grow this seed outdoors, it’s better grown indoors due to its picky characteristic.

It’s more of a temperamental plant meaning growers must give it enough light, warmth, water and a steady flow of phosphorus and nitrogen.

O.G. Kush

Available in a distinct lemon flavor, the O.G. Kush is the leading cannabis seed with the highest THC level of all Kush strains. Also perfect for beginner indoor growers, this cannabis seed is easy to maintain and has yields that go up to 50-60 grams per plant.

Despite its high potency levels, the O.G. Kush is hailed for its vast medicinal qualities. It’s perfect for cancer patients, those with digestive issues and people looking to add some pounds as it promotes appetite. Finally, patients with insomnia will benefit from this plant as it has the ability to induce a peaceful slumber.

Super Skunk

Having been around for quite a long time, Skunk is the grandmother of all the best marijuana seeds thanks to its genetics that have layered the groundwork of most hybrid cannabis strains. A sativa dominant strain, Super Skunk is one of the easiest seeds to grow thanks to its super fast flowering time and ability to yield more (65 to 70 grams per plant) as compared to most cannabis seeds.

Characterized with light green leaves and brown hairs, this plant has a fruity flavor and an aromatic high that makes it the best choice for most weed smokers.

Northern Light

Northern Light is one of the strongest and most powerful cannabis plants with an intense high. Recognized as a connoisseur’s favorite, most weed smokers describe its flavor as a combination of fruits and chamomile.

When it comes to its growth, Northern Light develops fast (10 weeks to flower) and can go as high as one meter (indoors) or 2 meters (outdoors) thus requiring high ceiling lights for effective development.

During the end of its developmental stages, the buds develop a nice resin coating that produces a beautiful glowing effect. Just as I mentioned earlier, beginners should not smoke the Northern Light as its super strong and fast.

Fruit Spirit

This marijuana seed is quite different from the rest as it offers a sweet, tasty berry flavor alongside a pleasant head high. Its deliciously different fruity taste sensation makes it a favorite weed for cannabis connoisseurs. This plant stays under one meter, has a flowering time of 8 weeks and provides an average yield of 30 to 40 grams.


Another cannabis seed I can’t miss to mention is the Critical. With easy maintenance, high potency and an average yield of 65 to 75 grams per plant, this cannabis seed will give you the best yields within the shortest time possible. Critical has a flowering time of about 7 weeks and has a sublimed high that makes you relaxed the first time you smoke it.

WSS Skunk Automatic

The WSS Skunk Automatic is a hardy seed that is highly recommended to beginner cannabis farmers. It has the ability to withstand common mistakes made by first-time cannabis growers such is nutrients misjudge, inappropriate lighting cycles and over/under watering.

WSS Skunk Automatic is auto-flowering and it develops its first buds within 5 weeks. It has a high potency and a nice citrus flavor.

Shiva Shanti II

Another great choice for the budget farmer, the Shiva Shanti II is a fast, tough and forgiving cannabis seed that works best for beginner growers in the cannabis sector. The seeds are affordable and usually take 55 days to mature.

This plant is milder than most other cannabis plants and has a light smell that makes it perfect for growers who need to hide their indoor gardens from the authorities. The final strain is less potent and has a strong aroma making it perfect for beginner pot smokers.


If you’re planning to grow marijuana indoors for medicinal use, then the best seed to consider is the ACDC. Hailed for its high Cannabinoid (CBD) levels (around 19%), the resulting plant is best for treating a range of physical ailments.

While THC is known to make you high, CBD is suitable for regulating things like pain, moods and appetite in the body. One drawback however with this plant is that it’s very picky and requires experienced growers.

Maple Leaf Indica

Finally, we have the Maple Leaf Indica. Famously known for its classic flavor and high amounts of resin, this seed is perfect for experienced growers as it can produce plenty of harvests if cultivated well. The high resin makes this plant a perfect source for hash while its indica characteristic allows it to create a relaxing effect on its users.


Whether you’re growing cannabis for the first time or whether you’re a professional farmer, choosing the right seeds is by far one of the most critical and game-changing factors that can distinguish between a successful and a failed cannabis farming project.

Whether you’re growing cannabis for recreational or medicinal use, it’s highly imperative that you choose your seeds with extreme care to ensure that your yields correspond with the amount of money you’ve pumped into the project. Whether you’re planning to grow your cannabis indoors or outdoors, always choose seeds that work best in your geographical area while still laying much focus on season changes.