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The Biggest Events In Marijuana Industry

Although nowadays numerous legislators continue fighting against the medical cannabis consumption, stating that it can provoke many side effects and can’t help with cancer and other serious health conditions, the fact is that the marijuana industry brings lots of money to the global economy and USA in particular. The cultivation of this plant dates back to the colonial era, the time when it was grown for textile and rope production. However, later in the XX century it was criminalized and banned for political reasons. With the recent legalization of marijuana consumption across US and several other countries and sudden flourishing of this lucrative industry, many related business events have appeared, which are held annually all over the globe, where entrepreneurs can gather and discuss the burning issues they have.

Laws about marijuana have started emerging only about a decade ago, that is why these events are extremely important for shaping the future of this promising industry. Being started from 1 cannabis conference in 2012, and following about 30 in 2016, now we can say that there are dozens of them holding each year. No matter whether you are an investor with the big budget, entrepreneur, researcher, grower, business consultant, or simply a person who are interested in the future of this industry, you may be willing to attend such an event or just be aware of the cannabis-related conferences that are taking place today. We have collected the most prominent events, which really matter for the cannabis industry in this article.

CannaCon, across the US

CannaCon is a brainchild of Robert Smart and is a trade show, where those who work in the cannabis business or just like marijuana can find something they would like. Here you can purchase the high-quality products and services from the numerous manufacturers directly and attend many educational seminars and programs. You can buy tickets according to the events you want to visit: there are Seminar&Expo or just Expo Only options available for 1-3 days of the exhibition.

Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (MJBizCon), across the US

Marijuana Business Conference and Expo or MJBizCon is ‘the oldest and largest national cannabis conference’ according to its creators. After being launched in 2012, it was called the largest professional event in the cannabis history because in 2016 the sold out that has been attended by more than 11 000 investors. It is a place, where like-minded people discuss the nearest future of the cannabis industry and prospects, innovations,and technologies this sector may give us.

New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN), across the US

NECANN is an extremely huge full-spectrum conference, which is held in different parts of the United States since 2014. It is an event you can’t miss if you are a business owner, pro, harvester or just an ordinary consumer. As for March 23-25, 2018 the 4th Annual New England Cannabis Convection – the largest cannabis event for both B2B and B2C platforms of this year was attended by more than 250 exhibitors, 100 speakers, and 8500 visitors. Visiting this expo, you can find new ideas and investors, share your own experience and discuss the ways of development of your cannabis business. If you want to find out more about the cannabis industry, this is also an excellent educational platform for those who are curious about studying more about medical marijuana.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, California

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is an award-winning annual summit hosted by National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). This is a trade show that is worth visiting, which obtained both Trade Show Executive’s Fastest Award and Denver Post’s the Cannabis Golden Pineapple Award in 2016. Annually this expo gathers more than 6 000 brightest entrepreneurs of marijuana industry under one roof. Here they learn about the opportunities for growing of their cannabis business and achieving new levels in this lucrative sphere.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo), NY, LA or Boston

CWCBExpo is a B2B trade show that takes place three times a year in Boston, LA and New York. It is an international forum for those who are interested in cannabis industry including business and dispensary owners, harvesters, investors, suppliers, etc. It consists of educational seminars, workshops, panel presentations, lectures and exhibitions, where everyone can get to know about the rules of this fast-paced industry.

Marijuana Investor Summit, across the US

Marijuana Investor Summit presented by MJIC is one of the biggest national business events for investors. It gathers hundreds of professionals from the cannabis industry to find the most interesting investment opportunities in this promising market today. This summit is held in such cities as Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and San Francisco. Top speakers include many famous CEOs, entrepreneur and inventors. This is the event cannabis investors can’t miss.

Retail and Dispensary (RAD) Expo, Portland

Named as a business-only event, RAD Expo is targeted at retail and dispensary owners mostly. Its creators say that this event differs from others as it is free for licensed retail stores and dispensaries and people who are currently obtaining a qualification. Besides, the approach to its organizing differs as well, as each expo new speakers are welcomed, thus you won’t be bored with the old ones who take part in each conference. So, if you want to have a fresh look, you should definitely visit this event.

Utah Cann, Utah

If you are interested in the medical cannabis industry, you should definitely visit Utah Cann conference—a place, where the leading experts of the marijuana industry will share their knowledge and have an honest conversation with you. There you can listen to the international keynote speakers, who will tell you about investments, policy, and legal restrictions you may face working in this sector. The motto of this event is to ‘educate, prosper and grow, so if you get interested, book tickets beforehand.

Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, Denver

In case you want to find out about the last effective trends, techniques, and tools you may use in order to stay afloat in this industry, then Cannabis Sustainability Symposium must be in your wish list. Its creators—Cannabis Sustainability Work Group are experts in this field and will reveal the secrets of efficient management practices and help in avoiding the pitfalls you may encounter on your way to success. If you want to listen to the brightest minds of this sphere and dive deeper into this industry, you are welcome to visit this event.