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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Pain?

Whether it’s chronic or temporary, if there’s pain in your body, there is no way that you can feel good. Every person in this world is prone to some kind of body pain. Research says that more than 95% of people across the globe experience body pain and more than 85% of them experience head pain at some point in their lives. 

While there are a huge amount of medicines and therapies available to cure these pains, Fab CBD is slowly becoming people’s favorite antidote for their physical and mental pains. 

This brings us to the question—how much CBD oil should one take to treat his pain? Let’s find out.

What Is CBD and How It Works in Treating Pain?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the 120 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant—yes, it is the parent plant of marijuana as well. However, CBD is miraculously different from other chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. How? Well, read on.

CBD contains 0.3% or less THC, which is responsible for inducing high in your brain. CBD doesn’t have mind-altering effects but it surely has some therapeutic qualities that help in reduction of both chronic and temporary pain related to joint and muscles. 

How Does CBD Interact with the Body to Provide It with Relief?

CBD shares a unique relationship with the human body. CBD can interact with protein-based chemicals, known as receptors. These are divided into CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. The former is located in the central nervous system while the latter can be found in peripheral nervous system, such as spleen and immune system. These receptors are the part of the body’s biological system known as endocannabinoid system, which helps CBD in achieving a state of balance in the body, also called homeostasis. 

Unlike THC, CBD does not affect these receptors in an intense way. In fact, it works in a completely opposite way. It inhibits the absorption of anandamide, the ‘bliss endocannabinoid,’ which is responsible for generating feelings of happiness and good mood. It also regulates pain in the body. When enhanced by CBD, anandamide reduces the pain throughout your body. It has also been found in research that CBD interacts with alpha-3 glycine receptors, which reduce inflammation and thus, heals chronic pains. 

The Optimal CBD Oil Dosage for Pain

The most suitable CBD oil dosage to pain depends on a lot of factors. Some of them are listed below for your perusal-

  • Body weight 
  • Metabolism 
  • Frequency of dosage 
  • Product quality 
  • Nature of the pain 
  • Concentration of CBD oil

The best way to know your optimal CBD oil dosage to treat you pain is to consult your doctor and then, start with a minimal dosage (about 3 mg). After 7 days, increase the dosage and keep trying it until you start getting relief from your pain. When you reach your suitable dosage, you will know, and then, you can either decrease the dosage to see if the benefits are still the same, or continue with the same volume. 

Different people take different dosage of CBD oil to treat their pains. For some, 40 mg of CBD oil works well. For some, even a 100mg of the same is less. 

Even so, a daily dosage of 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD oil is considered optimum for people suffering with pain, such as arthritis, joint pains, muscular pains and tightness, and headaches. Take this dosage for 25 days and if you do not see any benefit, then increase the dose.

The Best Way to Take CBD Oil for Pain

The best way to consume CBD oil for pain treatment is to put it under your tongue, so that it mixes well in your bloodstream and start showing the effects as soon as possible. CBD oil is considered to be the quickest method to feel the effects of CBD (around 20 to 25 minutes). 

However, people also use ingestion, inhalation, and transdermal methods to consume CBD as well. 


It is important for your health to take an optimum amount of CBD oil. Unusually large dosage of CBD oil might increase your pain or give rise to some side effects even though the possibility of the latter is almost nil. So, it is for the best the CBD oil of good quality and then, consult your medical practitioner before starting this unique form of medication.