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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The popularity of CBD-infused products is growing strong in America. The main reason behind the magnanimous sale of CBD is its numerous therapeutic effects and medicinal values. While many of us are consuming CBD on a daily basis, there are a lot of questions related to this compound that often pass through our heads. For instance, for how long does CBD stay in our bodies?

The straightforward answer to the above question is that it depends on how your body processes it. Ideally, CBD stays in your system for 3-5 days but remains effective for a few hours. There are also a lot of factors that affect the stay of CBD in our systems. 

But First, What Is CBD?

To put it simply, CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The reason why it is becoming popular among the masses is for its non-psychoactive quality and medical benefits. 

It doesn’t contain THC, which is another chemical compound found in marijuana and hashish. The specialty of THC is that it is responsible for inducing high in your system. The amount of THC present in CBD is quite low—only 0.3% or less. Thus, CBD is non-intoxicating. 

It’s also a natural treatment for many body ailments and mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, muscle spasms, even epilepsy and seizures. No wonder people are falling in love with this modern-day medicine. 

For How Long Does CBD Stays in Your System?

There are several factors that affect the storage of CBD in our system. Some of them are explained below-

1. Metabolism

How fast your body metabolizes CBD is one factor that determines its stay in your system. If it’s quite fast, then CBD is excreted from your body rapidly. If it’s slow, then the excretion takes place after a while. However, the beneficial effect of CBD isn’t compromised in either situation. 

Your metabolic rate also depends on the way you consume CBD. For instance, if you take CBD with food that enhances bioavailability, then the overall concentration of CBD will increase in your body and it will affect its storage. 

2. Frequency of CBD Consumption

If you take CBD twice in a day, then it is obvious that it will stay in your system for a long time. If you consume it just once in 24 hours, it will be out of your system soon.

3. Amount of Dosage

The amount of CBD taken at one time also determines its stay in your system. If one person takes 25 mg of CBD oil and other person takes around 50 mg of the same, then it can be anybody’s guess that it will remain in the system of the second person for a longer time, in comparison with the first person. 

4. Way of Consuming CBD

Your method of consuming CBD also determines the time of its storage in your body. For instance, vaping or smoking CBD is absorbed by the body quickly but remains in the system for a few hours. Best way to consume CBD oil is through a tincture and if you want to buy a CBD tincture, you can visit greenthevoteok to know the best cbd tincture. 

5. Genetic Composition

Your age, gender, body weight, blood, saliva, etc. also affect the stay of CBD in your system. It depends on how long you can hold it in before it’s excreted out of your system.

As per a study done in 1991, 14 subjects of Huntington’s disease took high doses of CBD for six weeks. They consumed 700 mg of CBD every day and it was found that a week after they stopped CBD dosage, the CBD in the system was ‘virtually undetectable.’

 It was also noticed that the estimated half-life of CBD was 3-5 days in the system of almost all humans, irrespective of their gender. Thus, it is okay to accept that CBD is completely out of your system after a week. 

Can CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

The first thing you should know about drug tests is that they are typically looking for the presence of THC in your system, not CBD. 

So, does CBD include a little amount of THC as well? Yes, it does. However, the THC amount is so low in a reputed CBD –infused product that it is highly unlikely for you to test positive in a drug test. Even sports players and athletes use CBD products to heal their ailments these days. CBD has been excluded from the list of ‘controlled substances’ as well. So, don’t worry, you will be fine. 

However, if you must remember to purchases CBD products from a well-reputed company. Also, check the THC level of the product before buying it. 


The crux of the matter is that your body will consume CBD differently than your friend’s body. Thus, the amount of time for which CBD stays in your system will also be different. No matter the time of CBD storage in your body, its positive effect will only maximize once it gets into your system.