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Glass Blunt Pipe Review

In 2020, cannabis (also known as weed) smokers have more options to smoke or vape than ever before. There are bongs, blunts, joints, vape pens, bowls, and many other more creative options out there (creative smokers have even used apples). One of the more convenient options for smokers is the glass blunt pipe or glass blunt. Unlike plain old blunts or joints, glass blunt pipes do not require you to know how to roll at all. This can both make it easier and convenient for the experienced smokers, but also make smoking far more accessible for the more inexperienced smokers or those who can’t roll as well.

And unlike blunts and joints, glass blunts can be used multiple times, which can save unnecessary trips to the store and make for the perfect weekend of smoking and relaxing at home. Not all of those have the best reviews, but we examined one that has many online to see if they were true.

Cooler Hits

Glass blunts also allow for users to have much cooler hits (we’re talking as much as 30% cooler!), which has several advantages. Smoking from a regular blunt or joint burns much hotter, which ends up ruining some of the ingredients necessary to get you high. And with getting high being the goal, this can turn some knowledgeable smokers off. However cooler hits from glass blunts keep these key ingredients intact, resulting in you getting higher than a blunt or a joint could achieve as a result. It’s the preference for those in the know, who want to get the most out of their cannabis smoke.

So it is reusable, gets you higher, and is more convenient. There can’t possibly be any other pros, right? Well you’d be wrong! A glass blunt pipe is more aesthetically pleasing as well. The smoke beautifully spirals through the glass blunt pipe, creating a unique pull that is not possible with a regular blunt, joint, or a really basic bong. It’s hypnotic to actually watch the smoke spiral through the glass blunt as it adds to the experience and the sight never gets old. Why have a boring, basic looking experience when you can have something more visually pleasing from a glass blunt? 


At this point, you’re probably worried it sounds too good to be true. Maybe you’re getting worried about the price. I mean it is quality glass, so it can’t be that inexpensive right? While glass blunts can be more expensive than joints or blunts, they are still cheaper than bongs. And once you factor in their reusability, glass blunts over time will save you both money and time in the long run. 

Where to buy a glass blunt pipe?

To recap, glass blunt pipes are reusable, convenient, beginner friendly, have cooler hits which get you higher, and are more interesting to look at while smoking. I can’t recommend a better or more stylish way to enjoy your cannabis short of using some creative engineering to convert an apple into a bong (not reusable, beginner friendly or as convenient). I absolutely recommend glass blunt pipes as the best option for smoking cannabis. You can get your glass blunt pipe at