Does CBD make you sleepy during the day?

CBD Will Not Make You Sleepy during the Day. What Will It Do Instead?

Statistics show that 80% of Americans suffer from sleeplessness at least once a week. The same study showed that around 35% of the population have insomnia symptoms. As more people turn to CBD oil for these problems, they want to know the effects of cannabidiol during the day. Will it cause tiredness or drowsiness? In other words, will CBD make you sleepy when taken during the day?

How CBD Works to Aid Sleep

THC comes from the cannabis plant and is responsible for the high or intoxication when ingested or smoked. Patients that take medical marijuana use this substance to aid sleep since it has sedentary properties. Research has shown that Indica strains provide the best benefits to users.

On the other hand, CBD comes from the same plant but is non-psychoactive. This means that it does not cause a high or intoxication of any type. It also offers some therapeutic benefits. It aids sleep and many people use it to treat insomnia symptoms. CBD is more mainstream because of its non-psychoactive properties.

CBD works to relieve symptoms of insomnia in different ways. One is by relieving the pain and anxiety which can make a person have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep. Another way it works is by interacting with the brain receptors that direct the sleep and wake cycle of the body.

Scientists have identified anxiety as the leading cause of sleep issues. This is why some modern treatments recommend CBD for sleep. Stress can come from daily activities such as work, traffic, relationships, and other distractions. The pressure from these sections of life can lead to increased stress and ultimate anxiety.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to promote healthy sleep. This system consists of a series of brain receptors that help create homeostasis among other regulatory functions like memory, sleep, appetite, perception of pain, and mood. If you ingest CBD for sleep, your body receives the cannabinoid and it works to improve the capacity of the brain to handle stress. This results in a calmer mind that can fall asleep easily and stay asleep for the required hours.

Basically, what CBD does is calm the mind and make it easier to sleep and remain asleep. You may wonder how it works for people who do not have anxiety. Does it help them sleep too? Well, there isn’t enough research on that section of people, but anecdotal evidence shows that most people who take CBD sleep better. The relaxing effect of the compound is responsible for this.

Will CBD Make you Sleepy During the Day?

The simple answer to this question is no. considering how CBD works, it is safe to say that it will not make you sleep during the day because it works mainly by calming the mind. It does not induce a sleepy state like medicines for the purpose. Also, it does not have the psychoactive powers of THC that can cause sleepiness.

On the other hand, CBD helps the user to be more focused and alert during the day. CBD is considered an adaptogen or something that helps your body cope. It uses the body’s natural rhythm and so if you are awake doing some work, it will help you remain focused on your work. After a long day, CBD adapts to the body’s rhythm and helps calm the mind so you can have a restful night.

In conclusion, CBD helps reduce anxiety and increase focus by increasing the brain’s serotonin levels. This doesn’t make you sleepy but makes you productive during the day. At night, it gives a different result. This means that you don’t have to worry about sleeping off during an important presentation if you take CBD oil during the day. However, before using it actively for sleep or focus, it is advisable to experiment with all the doses. CBD oil is believed to be the best delivery method and some people take up to 30mg a day or 10mg. some people need it more than once a day too. So find one that works for you.