best cbd 2020

Best CBD Brands for 2020

With hemp becoming legalized on a federal level, the sector has really opened up in terms of manufacturers, dealers, and buyers. Countless companies out there deal with a wide range of CBD products, and all of them claim to be the best of the rest.

It does become a bit confusing for the consumer, doesn’t it? With everyone claiming to be natural and organic, and the best in the game, picking the right ones seem quite difficult.

So, here is a brief overview of the top five brands for 2020, and how you can pick the right one.

#1. Jupiter

Jupiter is known for using all natural CBD, which offers you the best results. It deals with full spectrum 100% organic CBD oil, which is vegan and non-GMO. Their advanced method of extraction keeps the THC lower than 0.3%, so you get all the goodness of the product minus any of the high.

#2. Verma Farms

The company deals with mainly two CBD products: the CBD oil and the CBD gummies. These are available in different flavors, which is great if you’re not sold on the idea of taking CBD on its own. The brand believes in sustainability and all their non GMO hemp products are organically grown.

#3. Verified CBD

Based in Miami, this brand sells to all the American states, including overseas. The hemp is sourced from Kentucky, which has really strict regulations about the hemp cultivation. So, anything that comes from there is of good quality. The brand uses only non-GMO hemp for its products.

#4. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a strict believer in transparency. So, on its website you can see the results of third party lab tests, compliance reports, detailed analysis and instructions of their products, and more. The best part is that their products come in different sizes, from 300mg to 4000mg, so you can choose as per your needs.

#5. Natures Script

Natures Script serves high-quality, 100% organic CBD products. They are in-charge of the entire process from cultivation to putting the products on the shelves. They also run third party lab tests so you can be assured that your products are free from heavy metals.

Ways to Pick the Right CBD Brand

The fact that there are countless CBD brands now, with a new one cropping up every month, makes it even harder to choose the right brand. Here’s the five points we kept in mind while choosing the best brands for you:

The quality of the source

The industry is, by and large, still quite unregulated. So, it is important to know where the company gets its raw materials sourced from. Besides, the quality of the source also affects the quality and the effectiveness of the products, which cannot be overlooked.

The flavor profile on offer

The flavor profile is highly subjective. However, it is still reassuring to see a company making an extra effort to make sure that the flavors of their products are better. You might not like a particular flavor, but you will definitely commend the effort that they make.

The transparency in business

A brand that is honest and upfront about its business is the one that earns the respect. There needs to be transparency in the company about from where they get their raw material, the legal compliances, the tests they run, the composition of their all natural products, and the likes.

The value for money

The question is not about how expensive or cheap a CBD product is, but rather the how much value you are getting by spending a certain amount. Consider the most potent tincture of the company, measure the price you are paying for each milligram, and you’ll have your answer.

The website of the brand

The website of a brand gives its first impression, and a CBD company is no different. The website should have all the answers you are looking for, along with a detailed insight into their products. You would whether it’s a reliable brand or not.

And, now you know the finest brands in the market, along with the ways to know the right one for you. Time to go CBD shopping!