cannabis packaging tips

5 Tips for Great Cannabis Packaging

While you may have a lot of passion for your cannabis product, unfortunately, you’re not always going to be there dealing with every single customer face to face. So, what’s the solution? Your cannabis packaging labeling must reflect the passion you have for your product and convey this to any potential customers. Below we have five tips for great cannabis packaging!

1.Great packaging starts with great branding and design work

When you work with a great designer, they’ll be able to capture the history, love, joy, and passion you have for your product and come up with some great branding and design work. You can then transition your company logo into your branding and packaging. Your packaging should be consistent with your brand while also meeting any requirements, such as being childproof or tamper-proof.

2. Take the time to do your homework first

Don’t just rush in and choose the cheapest brand that pops up in your Google search. Have a look at what your competitors are doing with their packaging, logos, and branding. Try buying some samples and examining them close up, not just looking at pictures online. Read their feedback and see what their customers are saying about the freshness of the product, the quality of the packaging, and how happy they were with it. Once you narrow down on some possibilities, speak to your friends, family, and coworkers about how they feel before making any final decisions.

3. Don’t forget to include all of the appropriate warnings on your packaging and labeling

Every state has different laws, and there are also federal laws to consider when it comes to what has to be on the label. There are a lot of specifics that need to be considered, including what images you use, colors, font size, net weight of the product, volume, cannabinoid percentages and much more. You need to work with your designer to ensure that all of these requirements are met while still keeping the branding and design that you love.

4. Not everyone understands cannabis products

Not all customers are going to be knowledgeable about cannabis products, and some will require more information and instruction than others. You must consider all types of customers when you’re designing your branding and labeling. Try to incorporate instructions and directions on your labeling so that any new customers understand what the product is and how you are supposed to use it.

5. Make it easier for dispensaries to carry your products

Think about how your product is going to look on the shelf and how potential customers browsing a variety of different products will react to yours. People shop with their eyes first before they make any decisions to pick up a product and read what it says on the labeling.

Dura-Pack has a variety of different packaging solutions that could help your cannabis company continue to keep moving forward and capitalize on the booming cannabis industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we could help with your cannabis packaging solutions.