cannabis seo tips

5 SEO Tips for Cannabis Companies

When considering digital marketing practices that can be used for the benefit of cannabis companies, it is hard to imagine getting more bang for your buck than you will experience with search engine optimization.  

A cannabis writer can help you implement a set of cannabis SEO tactics, sure to raise the awareness for your brand, boost your rankings in search engines, and increase relevant traffic to your website. If you are interested in promoting your cannabis business through content marketing, the following tips are a great place to start.

Google Business Profile

Taking the time to create a Google Business Profile will ensure your business name, address, and phone number are available on Google. The listing is free and simple to set up and will make the information you provide pertaining to your cannabis business immediately accessible to potential customers searching for products and services in your local area.

A Google Business Profile is necessary to appear on the local maps Google shows users whenever they make a local search query. It is important to remember that all information in your business profile should be accurate and match the information that can be found on your website.

Understand Search Engine Users

An integral part of developing a successful SEO strategy for your cannabis company is understanding the search habits of cannabis users when they are in need of CBD or cannabis products.

Keyword research is an important part of the cannabis SEO process. There is no reason to assume when it comes to the terms that will be used by cannabis customers. A number of free research tools are available that you can use to ensure the content you provide is easily locatable based on the search queries used.

Mobile Optimization

This tip may seem like a no-brainer but many companies do not properly take advantage of opportunities available to them through mobile optimization. Your cannabis company website should be both mobile responsive and mobile adaptive.

The time individuals spend interacting with their smartphones is constantly on the increase. And it is likely that cannabis users spent as much time on their phones as anyone. This makes it important for you to understand the different search habits of individuals who use mobile devices versus desktops and develop a website that reflects this understanding.

Leverage Social Media

Most cannabis company owners understand that it is necessary to spend a little time on social media to cultivate positive relationships with customers. But the right social media practices can also positively influence your SEO tactics. The nature of your particular business will determine which social media platform provides you with the most benefits. But each of these platforms will provide you with a specific benefit.

Facebook is a great way to provide users with new information pertaining to your cannabis company. You can also use the platform to lead customers to your website. Facebook also provides business owners with the ability to customize their experience with the site’s ad platform that you can use to grow your customer base.

Google+ is not mentioned as often as Facebook and other social media platforms but offers a definite advantage to cannabis company owners that make use of the platform. Google search engines index every post from Google+. If you remember to use a few targeted keywords while posting socially on the platform, you can increase the likelihood that cannabis customers will locate you online.

Get Reviews

Once you are listed with Google it is a great idea to solicit reviews from customers. Google and other search engines place great emphasis on reviews since it demonstrates a customer believes that your business information is worth sharing with others.

Making sure that customers who patronize your business leave satisfied each time will make it more likely they will leave the review you request. You can even offer a product or another incentive in return for an honest review.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis company owners know that their industry is both exploding with growth and highly competitive. Visibility for your company is necessary to ensure your success. Search engine optimization is a great way to achieve this visibility and the five tips above will provide you with a solid blueprint to use in your quest to do so.