highest paying marijuana jobs

The Highest Paying Jobs In The Marijuana Industry

We all know that in USA cannabis is banned on the federal level but, as of March 2018, it is allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes, and it is regulated in about 30 American states as for now. With the gradual legalization of cannabis across the whole US, many people started musing about getting a job in the marijuana industry because of the launching of numerous cannabis companies at a rapid rate and recent pop up of vacancies on the market.

Being one of the most fast-developed and booming sectors in the American economy, the cannabis industry is very profitable that is why many people choose it. It is said that to date more than 200 000 jobs were created in this sphere, and even more opportunities are considered to appear in the nearest future (by the end of the year the number of jobs offered by the cannabis companies will increase up to 414 000).

Today you can google many job-related websites in order to find the vacancy in the cannabis industry that will fit your needs and your skill set. No matter what background you have, you can contribute your talent to this young sphere and become a winner. This field is very lucrative, thus let us find out which jobs in marijuana industry are the most profitable and will bring you lots of money.

1. Dispensary director or CEO – up to $125 000/year

Becoming a CEO of a company which specializes in marijuana is very lucrative, as this sphere is vibrant. However, it is quite a difficult task as having seeds doesn’t mean they will grow and flourish. Besides, there many rivals with whom you must compete and you might not be a winner in this pool full of sharks. But if you want to try starting your own company, you should read stories of people who are now famous in this industry. I am speaking of Steve DeAngelo—a desperate advocacy for marijuana industry who compares marijuana with something ‘out of the shadows and into the light’, Isaac Dietrich—a man who has risen from ashes after being fired from his company and hasn’t given up, and Chris Leavy—a leader who believes in great potential of cannabis investment.

2. Marijuana extraction specialist – up to $125 000/year

Although today more and more states in the US legalize marijuana as the medical treatment for some diseases, still in some parts, it is forbidden to smoke or consume it directly. And that is why such a profession as Marijuana Extraction Specialist is in great demand now in cannabis sphere. These are people who convert marijuana into oils and other forms which consumption is allowed in a particular state. However, this job requires special training and skills, thus not everyone can become a specialist in this area.

3. Consultant – up to $100 000/year

Being a consultant doesn’t mean earning little money, especially if you work in marijuana industry. Why are consultants so important? The answer is obvious, they offer help for harvesters and owners of dispensaries on how to set up a business, stay afloat and even prosper in this sphere. This is extremely important for newbies who do not know what pitfalls they may face when starting a company. People are ready to pay for this information that is why Cannabis Consultants earn a great sum of money annually.

4. Harvester – up to $100 000/year

This is probably one of the most important profession, because if you want to start earning money by selling marijuana, you first need to have a good harvest. Of course, you may think that anyone can cope with this task if you have proper equipment, place and lightning. Hypothetically, you are right, but that doesn’t mean you will have a rich harvest, as you must have relevant knowledge and special training in order to understand how to produce marijuana massively for dispensaries’ needs.

5. Edible director – up to $100 000/year

Today you can find cannabis in many variations. Marijuana sellers do know that newbies who want to try this relaxing product for the first time prefer eating it rather than smoking that is why edible products have got much hype recently. Of course, people get used to marijuana cakes that is why you cannot impress them by this anymore. But there are numerous ways of how to cook marijuana and attract customers including candies, gummy bears etc. Thus, the main responsibility of the Edible Director or chef is to find new ways on how to attract clients in order to earn money.

6. Cannabis store manager – up to $75 000/year

Cannabis store manager is a position, which requires both great skills at general store management together with strong knowledge of state laws which you must comply with in order your store functions legally. That means you have many tasks to do daily that are much beyond just running day-to-day duties as an ordinary store manager.

7. Sales manager – about $60 000/year

When you hear Marijuana Sales Manager or Representative, you may probably think about a person who is in charge of cannabis purchasing. But that is not true. Basically, this is a person who stands between harvesters and marijuana stores, and his main duty is to be responsible for both sales and production of the high-quality product. That is why an ideal candidate must have knowledge and skills in these two areas.

We can say for sure that it is a green revolution today thanks to legalization of cannabis consumption. This fact has lead to appearance of thousands of new jobs which we haven’t even thought about a decade ago. Many people who are passionate and want to find their dream jobs are ready to invest their knowledge and skills into this young but potentially lucrative industry which they really believe in. No matter how you call it: ganja, cannabis or Mary Jane, marijuana today is a great driver, with thousands of opportunities that will turn for dollar signs. So, if you still can’t find a job that will meet all your requirements, what about choosing an alternative of pursuing a marijuana career?