pre roll joints

Why You Should Use Pre Roll Joints

Not everyone knows how to roll a joint and these days, it doesn’t matter cos you can get pre roll joints to save you the trouble. Pre rolls are basically premade joints. They are made by cultivators, producers, and retailers of cannabis.

Usually, the joints consist of paper or wrap with ground cannabis and a crutch or filter at the base of the pre roll. You can find some in individual tubes but others are packed in one as multi packs. The packaging may be varied, but the size is often as long as a pinky or a smartphone. It is a popular idea because consumers enjoy a disposable and inexpensive experience. Also, it caters to different groups and individuals.

Is Preroll Efficient?

The potency of a pre roll could range from waxed cones in kief to standalone flowers. The flavor also varies like the potency. Using pre rolls allow consumers to get the full experience of concentrates without dabbing or vaporizing. When you use a pre roll, how efficient is it? Does your body ingest the active cannabinoids?

The answer is yes and no. It is halfway efficient but this doesn’t make it bad. Pipes, bongs, and other popular methods of combustion have the same inefficiencies. This has been backed up by research from 2014 which found that users only ingest less than half of all cannabinoids in a pre roll or joint.

It also stated that pre roll and joint users ingest just 28 to 46 percent of the cannabinoids with an average of 37 percent on all experiments. The conclusion of the study was that the missing cannabinoids are un-inhaled smoke or ash. However, users still enjoy pre rolls for their numerous benefits such as convenience, potency variance, and inherent discretion.

Despite the inefficiency, joints and pre rolls work for their users and are internationally recognized. They act as a symbol of inclusion and are not going anywhere.

Why You Should Use Pre Rolls

Pre rolls offer a lot of advantages from storability and convenience. If you’re out with friends, it is more convenient to pack a pre roll rather than getting grinders, loading a bong, and then having to roll it. Also, if you want to twax your weed or roll it on a ribbon of shatter, you need a small station to prep the bud. Some people love the ritual, but most appreciate the convenience that pre rolls offer.

In most cases, pre rolls are packaged in reusable containers. They also range in potency to meet the needs of most cannabis connoisseurs.

What Does Pre Roll Contain?

Pre rolls are made with different ingredients. The contents can run from basic to gamut, king-size cones to flower-only joints, or top shelf bud. If you get the product from a dispensary that sells pre rolled joints, the contents may vary.

In the past, many pre rolls used to contain different variations of dry plant parts such as excess leaves and stems. This was mainly because producers found ways to save costs by stuffing the pre roll with waste products that they could no longer use.

With the advent of medical cannabis legislation, there was more competition in the scene and this singlehandedly drove prices down and raised the quality above the roof.

Also, the increased competition in the market drove producers to consider branching out into offering blunts that are spliffs, hollowed out cigars containing marijuana and tobacco. Then, the preference for blunts, joints, and spliffs also varies according to geographical location. Americans prefer taking blunts and joints while Europeans prefer spliffs. Also, it is important to note that the European lexicon on cannabis uses joint and spliff interchangeably. However, on the continent, marijuana only cigarettes are spliffs while joints contain tobacco and marijuana.

How Can You Extend the Shelf Life of a Pre Roll?

Cannabis has a shelf life on its own. Even though it is processed naturally, cannabis can degrade over time. When cannabis is old, it grows mold. This could lead to a loss of flavor and potency. However, it takes a long time, some could reach a few months before going bad. However, proper packaging can help increase the shelf life of your preroll.

Just like any other form of cannabis, storing it properly can extend the shelf life of the preroll. However, there are some tenets that ensure that the storage is effective. They include light, hermetic sealing, temperature control, and humidity.

Mason jars are always the go-to option for airtight storage for many people. They are excellent because they are translucent, inexpensive, and easy to store. However, these jars are fragile in nature. This is why experts recommend humidity storage containers as an effective alternative. But they are far more expensive. They are designed to cure and store different types of cannabis and can hold two pounds of bud.

It is more difficult to control humidity, however, vacuum sealed containers and humidity storage containers let users protect their cannabis from humidity without needing to use dehumidifiers.

The location is important when it comes to storing cannabis. It is ideal to place cannabis in cool and dark locations. This could be a spot in the pantry with enough air and under the stairs. When it is safe from heat and light, the cannabis can stay fresh for a longer period. Heat and light can hasten the natural degradation process.

Pre Roll Packaging Also Extends Shelf Life

You can extend your pre roll shelf life as well by using a packaging box like the Pinch N Flip CR Box. The container is large enough to hold 10 pre rolls. It is designed with a rectangular interior for several pre roll configurations. It is also quite versatile as you can use it as an edible container if you’re big on discretion.

Also, it is excellent for funnies and mints. The package has a locking mechanism with press tabs on both sides to pop open the top when it is pressed. It has a similar design to cigarette boxes to give it a familiar look.

Also, you can customize the package to fit your preferences. It has different custom colors to choose from and if you want to use it for commercial purposes, it has flat and round edges for label applications. The multi pack pre roll box is also child resistant and affordable. It was designed specifically for marijuana and cannabis. This packing box has space to add legal text, texting results, and even brand logos.