dry herb vaporizers and oil vape pens

Which Is Better for Consuming Cannabis: Dry Herb Vaporizers or Oil Vape Pens?

The legalization of cannabis in many states across the USA – as well as it having been decriminalized in many others – has led to a boom in not only the cannabis industry but also that in the vape products and accessories market. More socially acceptable and convenient than smoking, as well as being inherently less dangerous thanks to the absence of smoke and its toxic components, vaping is rapidly becoming the method of choice for users who take cannabis medicinally or for recreational purposes.

A new market leads to innovation in products suitable for users, and the vaping market is one that is subject to development all the time. The choice cannabis users have is whether to get their intake by traditional smoking, by using an oil vape pen, or to dry herb vaporize their weed using a suitable device. We’re here to compare dry herb vaporizers and oil vape pens and see if we can decide which method is best. We’ll start by taking a closer look at dry herb vaporizers.

About Dry Herb Vaporizers

The health benefits of marijuana have been much discussed in recent years and with many people taking it to combat pain it is no surprise there is growing research into the benefits, but what is the best way to get your fix?

The dry herb vaporizer is preferred by many users for a number of reasons. As with all portable devices, the portability of the dry herb vaporizer is a major attraction and both these and oil vape pens are much smaller than a traditional bowl.

As the name suggests the dry herb vaporizer is designed to vape dry marijuana in its natural form. The weed is put in a chamber which is then heated rapidly and to a high heat by the coil or atomizer, and the weed is vaporized. The result is smokeless inhalation of the weed that you will feel the full benefit from.

This method offers excellent potency and easy use and is favoured by long-term weed users who have moved to vaping from smoking joints. The herbs are usually ground for ease of use and putting in the container, and the heat required to vaporize dry herbs is greater than that for oils. This means the battery will not last as long.

The process for adding dry herbs is less of a mess than that for adding oils, but as we shall see in a minute there are benefits to the oil pen too. Both versions require cleaning so as not to leave debris in the chamber or reservoir, and this is similar in effort and time for each. Also, while most models will come with one heat setting there are more sophisticated models that have heat adjustment which can be useful especially with the dry herb option.

About Oil Vape Pens

The oil vape pen is very similar to the dry herb design in that it features the battery, coil or atomiser and a container into which the substance is put. Getting the oil into the tiny container can be tricky, but some oil vape pens get over this hurdle by offering ready-filled cartridges that can be swapped in a few seconds.

These may be more costly than buying raw weed, but the time and effort saved is quite noticeable. The devices are equally as discreet and easy to use – some models you push a button and in others they are activated simply by taking a draw – and the oils available come in different strengths.

Perhaps the main selling point for the oil pen lies in its ability to be refilled without the need for grinding and inserting the raw weed but for many weed lovers this is all part of the enjoyment of the process.

So, both are convenient, neither are expensive and they give you a hit instantly, but which is for you? That will depend on personal taste so let’s see if we can come to a conclusion regards the dry herb vaporizer vs. oil vape pen debate.

Which Is Best?

For any user of cannabis the taste and the potency of the hit will be the major points to consider. The problem is that different users report different experiences with the dry herb vaporizer and the oil vape pen. Taste can be altered with the more sophisticated temperature adjustable models, and also by way of different types of cartridge with the oil model, but it still remains entirely down to personal choice with an individual.

If you’re used to smoking marijuana the traditional way you may find the dry herb vaporizer more to your satisfaction. However, it could also be that you warm to the convenience and new experience of an oil vape pen. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to try them both!