What CBD Can I Give My Dog?

What Kind of CBD Can You Give Your Dog?

Cannabidiol is not only for humans. More and more dog owners are indeed using CBD oil on their dogs to calm their anxiety and treat certain disorders such as canine arthritis, epilepsy, or digestive problems. This article will explain what kind of CBD you can give your dog.

How CBD Can Benefit Dogs

CBD is mainly used in humans for its effects on chronic pain, stress and anxiety, sleep, skin problems, and skin aging (among others). Dogs are also sensitive to CBD since they have an endocannabinoid system. CBD makes them feel relaxed and relieves their pains. Giving CBD to your dog has other positive effects:

  • Decrease in anxiety: some dogs are particularly sensitive to stressful situations (moving, birth in the family, noisy environment, absence, etc.), and they show their discomfort through destructive behaviors. CBD can solve their anxiety problems and make them relax very quickly.
  • Analgesic properties: cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and anti-rigidity effects, thus reducing chronic pains and arthritis, and other degenerative diseases in dogs.
  • Improved appetite and digestion: especially useful for old or convalescent animals. CBD oil can restore appetite in dogs and improve their digestion so that they can eat properly.
  • Treatment of epilepsy: this disorder affects about 0.75% of dogs. Thanks to CBD, you can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. You can even use CBD to get rid of the symptoms entirely in some cases.
  • Relief from the effects of cancer: As in humans, cannabidiol can reduce some of the symptoms of cancer, including pain and nausea.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

In short, yes. Using CBD on Dogs is safe. Although information is quite limited on the subject, using CBD on pets does not appear to cause any damage. So you can give your dog CBD oil safely. You should also remember that animal CBD oils do not contain THC and therefore do not cause “highness” effects or hallucinations.

Although CDB overdose cannot  kill your dog, certain symptoms may appear such as:

  • Tremors
  • Drowsiness
  • Hypersalivation
  • Voltage drop
  • Diarrhea
  • Numbness
  • Abnormal behavior

Therefore, it is vital that you refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and start with a low concentration of CBD and then eventually increase the doses or concentration depending on the expected results and your dog’s reaction.

Is CBD Oil for Dogs Different from That of Humans?

There are lots of CBD products on the market at the moment. You can see different products for humans, for dogs and for other animals. However, the CBD found in human products is the same as the one infused in dog products. Dog CBD products are simply tailored to the needs of our four-legged companions. With chicken, beef, spray, treats, etc. everything is done so that our furry friends consume CBD without growling.

Can You Give Your Dog Human CBD Oil?

Yes, it is possible, but giving human CBD to your dog is not recommended for starters. Some of the human CBD oils may contain THC. which can be harmful to dogs. Also, the doses prescribed for dogs are naturally smaller than those prescribed for humans. Using a product specially designed for animals is, therefore, an assurance of not overdosing.

How to Administer CBD to My Dog?

If you want to give your dog CBD, the easiest way is to go for an oil in a measuring bottle, i.e., a tincture. You can pour it directly on its tongue or, if it is not very cooperative, on its kibbles or its treats. You can also go for the CBD dog treats if you think your dog won’t let you administer the tincture.

As a general rule, 1-2mg of CBD per 10 lbs, i.e., the larger the dog, the more CBD you will give it.

What Kinds of CBD Products for Dogs Are There?

You can find CBD products for dogs in various forms.

  • Dog treats. Dog treat is a once-in-a-while fun food. It is sometimes used as a reward for good behavior.
  • Dog snacks. These are healthy dog foods that have been infused with CBD. They are to provide some nourishment between meals.
  • Dog nugs. These are another tasty food options for dogs. They are usually made of chickens. You can refer to them as the dog’s version of Chicken nuggets.
  • Creams. Creams are best used for skin infections like allergies and rashes. 
  • Capsules. These can be taken in the form of regular medicine. To make sure your dog takes it, you should hide it in its food or treat.
  • Tinctures. These are CBD in the purest form. The CBD is packaged in a dropper bottle and can be administered directly under the dog’s tongue. They work faster than other types of CBD products.

CBD Products You Can Give Your Dog

Soft CBD Dog Treats

Food is still the easiest way of giving your dog CBD. After all, what dog doesn’t like treats? Soft CBD dog treats are softer than others and are adapted to your dogs’ needs. It has a beef flavor that your dog will love. Unlike most dog treats, this product is made of only top-grade hemp plants grown locally in the USA on agriculturally responsible farms, i.e., it is super safe for your dog.

Doggy Snacks

To be able to offer CBD to your dog, it is sometimes necessary to associate it with something he enjoys: these Doggy Snacks represent the perfect way to reward your four-legged friends while making it enjoy CBD’s unique benefits. To delight your dear little friend’s taste buds, they are also made to taste like peanut butter and turkey treats. These dog treats are made from Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extract cultivated with respect for the environment. They contain all the nutrients your dog needs for proper physical and mental growth.

Doggy Nugs

These CBD Doggy Nugs are specially designed for dogs and contain the full range of natural cannabinoids. They are suitable for your pet’s daily diet. The natural flavors give the product a delicious and appreciated taste. Made with real chicken. these Doggy Nugs are specially created and adapted for your dog’s enjoyment. What makes this product so great is that in addition to CBD, they are infused with vitamins and minerals to complement CBD’s beneficial properties further.

Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

If you need CBD in the purest form, then Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture is the option for you. The CBD hemp oil is specially designed for dogs and does not use dyes or preservatives. Its organic nature made it a suitable supplement for the daily diet of dogs. The natural aromas and flavors give the oil an appreciated taste.