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What is the Best Way to Smoke Dab?

For weed enthusiasts and aficionados, dabs have become the go-to choice to get high as hell and have a ton of fun. The reason why people prefer dabs is that the high lasts longer than you can imagine. However, as fun and exciting it sounds, smoking dab requires correct knowledge of the concentrate in order to ensure non-throat closing, awesome highs. So, whoever says that there is no wrong way to smoke weed, haven’t tried dab yet. If you are new to dabbing, then this post will help you determine the best way to smoke dab.

What is a dab?

A dab is a concentrated THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) extract that can quickly get you very high. There are several forms of concentrated cannabis extracts, with wax being the most preferred one. Other concentrates include bubble, dust, shatter, budder, and oil.

The best way to smoke dab is through a rig, which is bong-like equipment boasting funky-looking pipes, a mouthpiece, a small nail made of glass/titanium/quartz, and a vertical chamber.

All you have to do is add water to the vertical chamber and heat up the nail. Ensure that while heating the nail, the flame is pointing away from the pipe; else, it could crack the glass. Remove the heat once the nail starts to glow and turns orangey-red. Using straight tweezers or metal dabber, dab the wax, oil, dust, shatter, budder, or bubble onto the nail and inhale.  

While it is the best way to smoke dab, what if you don’t have one? Well, no worries, there are many other ways, the decent ones, to smoke dab without a rig.

In this section, we will discuss alternative ways to smoke dabs. But, which of the methods you choose will depend on what you have at your disposal. 

#1 Using a Dab Pen

A dab pen is a device similar to a vape pen that is used for the smoking dabs. The small piece of dab is placed onto the coil and heated to a vaporisation point without burning. This makes it to melt down onto a wick which then heats up the dab and creates a vapour which must be inhaled.

#2 Smoking Dab in a Bowl

If you don’t have any rig, you can do it with a bowl. However, you will need a mix of the right ingredients to smoke dab. First, you need to cover the bowl (not entirely) with weed. Covering the bowl will help protect the dab from flame. The open flame coming into contact with the dab will burn down everything, and it will produce a lot of smoke, which is not recommended. Top the dab with some more weed and enjoy the high.

#3 Smoking Dab in a Joint

This is one of the best and the easiest ways to smoke dab. This DIY dab smoking starter kit includes rolling papers, dab, and weed. Lay out the rolling paper and spread some weed along the paper. Put a dash of dab along the center of the weed, and then prepare the joint like you normally do. Ensure that the dab doesn’t touch the end of the roll that you are going to light. Remember – No flame touching the dab.

#4 Vaping with Dab

You can also smoke dab using a vaporizer. The key is to find the right vaporizer for the job. When looking for a vaporizer, ensure that it boasts the right heating element, also known as the atomizer. Put some dab in the heating chamber and turn on the vaporizer. Attach the mouthpiece, and when you are sure it is ready for use, sip.

Final Words

Smoking dab surely gives you high like no other cannabis product. However, you have to make sure that you are preparing ingredients correctly so that you don’t make a blunder out of it.