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What Is the Best CBD Hemp Flower?

The hemp flower is also known for its production of flowers like marijuana. The flower is usually processed with the Cannabidiol extracted. In recent times, the CBD market has experienced a rising call for CBD hemp flowers.

For individuals who want to enjoy the benefits and flavor that comes with smoking cannabis without getting high, CBD hemp flower is an ideal solution. How can you find the best one for your needs? This guide will highlight what to look out for as well as some of the best CBD hemp flowers.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower or Cannabidiol Flower?

CBD hemp flowers are gotten from the industrial hemp plant. These flowers contain cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the plant. The CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and this produces several physical and mood-related benefits.

The CBD hemp flower doesn’t pass through the tough extraction process like its counterpart, CDB oil. The latter passes through a process that destroys natural waxes of the plant which may contain extra health benefits. The flower is harvested and dried and then packaged for selling. This gives it an edge since it contains more of the naturally occurring waxes and cannabinoids in hemp.

What Are the Best CBD Hemp Flowers Now?

There are a few high CBD flower strains on the market. They include:

  • Sour Space Candy: this flower is a CBD dominant product that crosses the Early Resin Berry with the Sour Tsunami. The dense buds are multicolored featuring colors such as orange, purple and green hues.
  • Charlotte’s Web: this flower is a hemp cultivar that is bred by Colorado-based Stanley Brothers. It is famous for its low THC and high CBD content. It became popular after it was featured on CNN for helping a girl with severe seizures.
  • Harlequin: This flower has high levels of cannabinoids and it makes it very effective for anxiety and pain treatment. It also counteracts the paranoia effect of THC while amplifying the painkilling properties.
  • AC/DC: this Sativa dominant phenotype has a remarkably high ratio of CBD to THC. It doesn’t include any intoxicating effects and is also helpful in treating different ailments such as epilepsy, pain, and anxiety.

How to Determine the Best CBD Hemp Flower

The bud of the flower plays a vital role. The density is an important factor that reveals how much CBD content it has. The Sativa strains are denser than the ruderalis and Indica strains.

Also, the resin coating of the plant is another crucial consideration. They are white and can be seen at the top of the bud. They are also cannabinoids and are rich in terpenes.

Checking the smell of the plant is also important. the smell of the hemp plant is usually aromatic due to the terpenes present. A good CBD hemp flower has a pungent smell, whether sweet or spicy. A weak smell means a weak flower. So this factor is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Another way to find the best CBD hemp flower is to trim it. this trimming tells the user if the flower is of good quality or low quality. In the same vein, you need to consider the stickiness of the flower. The best CBD hemp flowers are sticky in nature. The ones that are not sticky to touch are weak and may not have a good effect. They should also not be damp or dry.

The bud color can also determine the potency of a hemp plant. When the buds are fresh, they appear colorful and can be purple, dark green, pinkish or reddish. Any other sharp rainbow color can be seen on such flowers. Brown colored buds are not fresh and will most likely be of low quality. So lookout for the color of the bud to determine a potent CBD hemp flower.

Lots of CBD flower manufacturers are currently creating strains with a THC concentration below 0.3 percent and a high CBD concentration. The federal rules from the FDA in the United States set the rules about the levels of concentration of THC. As the CBD flower gains more popularity in the cannabis market, more strains should emerge in a few months or years.