cbd for athletes

What Athletes Should Know About CBD for Recovery, Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammation

Athletes in all sporting scenes undergo strenuous exercises and activities which expose them to an array of body problems. From fatigue to body pains, to injuries, to inflammation, to joint issues, they face it all. 

How athletes manage themselves after training determines their healing and ongoing field performance. Exceptional management of the body leads to better performance and vice-versa.

If you’re an athlete, you understand the stress of trying out multiple recoveries and pain methods in vain. First, you’re supposed to cut off exercise and rest for several days when under severe pains. But you might still have to do some light training while under strain.

Other athletes try icing on injured and aching areas for weeks. While it’s said ice should be every athlete’s friends, the chilly numbing effect does not entice anyone. It’s recommended you a range of exercises for flexibility. But all the techniques are painful except for the use of across the counter medications.

You can buy anti-inflammatory or pain relievers such as acetaminophen or naproxen to ease pain and inflammation. Use of medication depends on physicians or healthcare professionals recommendations.

The Alternative: CBD for Recovery and Pain Management

Above all the techniques, many athletes have now resorted to CBD, a thought-provoking way of managing all body pains and inflammation problems.

If you haven’t heard of CBD, it is the non-psychoactive product in marijuana and cannabis. Perhaps you know pot as an illicit drug, abominable in the gaming scene. Well, CBD is different, and it’s free from the banned and addictive THC. Besides, the USA government legalized hemp farming, a plant rich in Cannabidiol and with shallow levels of THC. Visit vitahempoil.com to find more information and Colorado based CBD oil products. 

What Makes CBD Different from Other Techniques

Multiple studies and research findings back CBD as a healthy compound with unique healing properties. An article in the Harvard Medical School blog highlights the impact of CBD, and it cites its benefits as a crucial component for easing chronic pain and inflammation. Studies also back CBD as a compound that helps anyone sleep, refresh and relieve the effects of depression.

Unlike other methods athletes use in pain alleviation, CBD has more far-reaching benefits. First athletes can use CBD in the form of lotions, massage jells, and tinctures. Because of its fast effect, athletes need not disrupt their training programs unless they dislocated joints or are under chronic pain.

Unlike ice, CBD is friendly. Athletes under fatigue can use CBD massages, which are refreshing and induces users to sound sleep.