high without smoke

Want a “High”, But Don’t Want to Smoke?

You are going through some dull moments in life and desire a “high” but you’re not agreeable to smoking. Your avoidance of smoking may be attributed to a bad cold, asthma, or any other lung-related problems. You may be resisting the cat because you have an aversion to hot smoke. As per experts in edible weed delivery, there are several ways in which you can get the high you need without smoking weed. Read on to know more.

Edibles and Weed for Getting a High

When you check out online modes of weed delivery, you’ll come across several delicious weed treats that’ll tempt you to try them out. These treats range from chocolates and gummies to classic brownies, and more. However, you need to be careful while having these edibles. According to experts at DC Weed, the high provided by weed and its various edible forms may sneak on you, so be careful about how and in what amount you consume these treats.

Weed Butter and Weed Oil

Love cooking? You may want to add weed to your preferred cooking oil or butter. It’s important to bake the weed before starting the baking job with weed butter. A good idea for using weed butter is to spread it on cookie sheets that are laced with parchment paper before starting the baking process at 230-250 Fahrenheit. Bake for 60-120 minutes as per your choice to get the flavor you want. The decarbed weed can be added to an oven-safe bowl/jar, immersed in lightly boiling water on low heat in a double boiler, and left for infusing for a few hours. The process can be simplified with a tool that’s designed for infusing the oil.  Strain out the weed and have the butter or oil as desired in your best recipes. The dried weed can also be put to good use by blending it with olive oil and herbs for making weed pesto.


I case you desire to get high with weed than you need to heat it to the right temperature. The THCA present in cannabis flowers is transformed into THC that weed lovers know so well. The process of heating cannabis flowers to release THC is referred to as decarboxylation or decarb in its abbreviated form. However, just because heating is needed in the process of releasing this high-giving ingredient, it does not mean that you have to smoke the drug. The temperature of your vaporizer is enough for giving off the THC and CBD. These components of weed responsible for shaping your high as well as the terpenes provided by weed and the scent given by it; they help the goodness of weed reach your brain to provide the high you need.

Way Forward

As a result, vaping can provide THC into the user’s bloodstream just as smoking would. The good part is that this method of consuming weed does not irritate your lungs in any way and gives the high you need. You may also want to try out potato chips or cold brew coffee to feel different and happy. Sodas with the standard edibles can also give you a high without disrupting your daily activities or lifestyle.