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Types of Cartridges for Vaping Cannabis

There are so many different types of cartridges for vaping cannabis. They are called vape cards or vape cartridges. The devices are excellent for consuming marijuana discreetly and they also allow you to enjoy your weed without making a mess.

How can you choose the best vape cart? It can be confusing. However, knowing the types available on by market, you can choose one according to your preference. This guide will highlight different kinds of cannabis cartridges as well as the features they offer. It will help you to know which one fits your needs best.

Different Kinds of Cannabis Cartridges on the Market

Most devices have a standard 510 cartridge, with the exception of proprietary products such as the Airo Pro or Pax Era Pods which have their own special cartridges. The types of cannabis cartridges include CO2, distilled, live resin, cut/uncut, full spectrum, and terpene-infused. They are all very different and appeal to various types of people. Below is a full description of each.

Distilled Cannabis Cartridges

This type of cartridge is called distillate as well. It is a refined kind of cannabis oil. This oil is made from different cannabis extracts. It is among the most common ones. This distillate cannabis cartridge removes all unnecessary compounds in the plant, like chlorophyll. The user will get a high CBD or THC concentration to get a better experience during use. Also, this distillate is smoother and cleaner than most cartridges.

Live Resin

This cartridge is popular because of its strong aroma and taste. It contains a terpene rich concentrate produced by freezing the plant after harvest. The plant remains frozen all through the extraction process. This process keeps the smell and taste intact because it preserves the natural properties. Most people prefer it because it gives them a strong high during each use. It is also very safe for use.


This stands for carbon dioxide, a non toxic substance, which has been used in the cannabis industry for some time now. It separates some components in the cannabis plant to produce a concentrated oil for cartridges. This type of cartridge is not as refined as some others, and this is not a bad thing. In fact, it has some benefits since the CO2 concentrate has more natural compounds. It can offer several medicinal benefits as well. Also, another benefit is that getting high from this cartridge will meet your expectations if you require something stronger.


This type is one of the best cartridges you can use when it comes to cannabis oil. The price may be higher than others, but it makes up for it with a high quality product. The full-spectrum oil has a good rep because it contains all the molecules of a cannabis strain. This simply means that nothing is removed from or added to the strain and you will get an e-liquid that offers a natural aroma, taste, and effect of cannabis. If you have more money to splurge on cannabis cartridges, then you should consider this product first. It will give you what you’re looking for.

Cut/Uncut Oil

Cut oil isn’t as popular as other types listed above and the reason is not far-fetched. The side effects of using this uncut oil are being studied at the moment. The process of cutting the oil involves using some additives to increase the effect. Generally, cut cannabis oil lasts longer than other types of oils. It is also less viscous.


The terpene-infused cartridge is also not so much popular, because there are some concerns about adding terpenes into cannabis oil. Generally, the terpene infused cannabis oils used in prefilled cartridges make the vapor a lot smoother. Also, it enhances the aroma and taste. This is why some vaporizer users prefer it. However, most people do not recommend this type over other concentrates.

The different kinds of cannabis cartridges have different benefits, and some of the listed above have their disadvantages. Some offer a better aroma and taste, while others give a better high. You should choose the one that suits your preference.