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Top 8 Reasons Why Smoking CBD Cigarettes Should Be Your New Year’s Solution

Reason #1:  Benefits of CBD

CBD has been gaining recently in popularity due to the legalization of hemp.  Reachers have discovered the amazing benefits of CBD as an aid for various issues that we all face.  CBD has been added to creams, tinctures, balms and more.  CBD works by binding to the endocannabinoid system to help maintain a balance in your body.  In doing so, it has been known to help with pain, sleep, stress and more.

The CBD used is full-spectrum CBD.  This contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes which makes it effective.  This creates what we call an entourage effect.  The sum of all the ingredients creates a stronger effect. 

Many products on the market especially tinctures and creams are Isolates.  They do contain CBD but not the other cannabinoids.  CBD works best when combined with other elements.

Reason #2:  CBD or Hemp cigarettes do not contain any additional chemicals like cigarettes

CBD cigarettes contain one ingredient, hemp.  Unlike normal cigarettes which contain thousands of chemicals.  These chemicals are used during manufacturing to bring the tobacco cigarette to market to get people hooked.  Many of these chemicals have been linked to various issues which can develop over time.

CBD cigarettes contain Hemp and hemp alone.  No other ingredients.

Reason #3:  Non-addictive

Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance and is found in tobacco cigarettes.  Hemp, on the other hand does not contain any nicotine.  The CBD cigarette is made purely from hemp.  The reason why people prefer this is that it is not addictive and also get a slight rush due to the CBD from the hemp cigarette.  This also replaces the hand to mouth action some people are accustomed to.

Reason #4:  Cost

Depending on where you live, CBD cigarettes can save you money.  While there are expensive taxes on tobacco products, hemp is not on the list.  Hemp cigarettes typically range from $5-$20 depending on the hemp used.

Reason #5:  Easier to use than vaping

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes.  More and more people are taking up vaping worldwide.  But vaping is not the same as smoking.  The vape is producing a vapor, not smoke.  A lot of traditional smokers prefer lighting up a cigarette.  Even though vaping is popular, it is not for everybody.  Some vaping products require extensive knowledge to get started.  You will also need to charge the device and replace an element inside on a daily or weekly basis.  Smoking CBD cigarettes is on pair with smoking a normal cigarette when it comes to usability.  All you need to do is light up a cigarette and smoke.  There is no charging, replacing coils or finding the right vape juice. 

Reason #6:  You do not get high

CBD is making a name for itself.  Unlike marijuana, you do not get high smoking CBD.  There are traces of THC but not enough to get you high.  For some individuals, marijuana is not a great option due to drug testing and the adverse side effects of marijuana.  You get all the benefits of the plant when it comes to just smoking CBD.  It has a more relax and calming effect.  People enjoy this especially at night, because CBD is best for sleep.

Reason #7:  Legal in all 50 states

CBD is legal in all 50 states.  President Donald Trump signed into law the Farm Bill in 2018.  This allows for the growth, cultivation, transportation, and consumption of hemp.  Unlike marijuana which is only legal in selective states.  You do not need a prescription or medical license to purchase CBD.  You can buy it over the counter.  Major retail chains such as CVS and Walgreens are starting to sell CBD products.

Reason #8:  Fastest CBD delivery method

For those who are looking for faster results, smoking CBD cigarettes is the quickest way to get CBD delivered into your system.  Unlike CBD tinctures which takes time due to the fact that your body needs to digest it.  You also lose out on potency because of the digestion process.

Smoking CBD has been proven to be the most effective and fastest.  There are thousands of blood vessels in your lungs that can quickly absorb the CBD.