cannabis wearing accessories

Top 10 Cannabis Wearing Accessories

The world of cannabis has matured and it is becoming more commonplace with legalization in different countries around the world. Cannabis enthusiasts and users now prefer to use stylish accessories like high-tech vaporizers, ceramic pipes, and stash boxes because they want them to be seen. 

The ever-expanding CBD world is to thank for this widespread acceptance. Since it doesn’t get you high, more people are turning to it for soothing relief. It is found in skin-care products, food, bath soaks, and so many other products. it has anti-inflammatory properties and this has helped introduce more people to cannabinoids.

With recreational cannabis use getting normalized, accessories have become more common. Here are the top ten cannabis-wearing accessories to get for yourself on a special occasion.

1. Sterling Silver Marijuana Ring

If you love to accessorize, marijuana leaf rings should be at the top of your list. This sterling silver marijuana ring is bold with subtle sparkle. As a cannabis lover with style and taste, it is a must-have. It comes in size 9 for males and can also be a great gift for a cannabis lover friend.

2. High Times Edition Skater Socks

Are you a skater? If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, this is an excellent accessory to use while skating. Skater’s feet get pretty gnarly when they ride for a day. Proper socks can reduce the grossness as much as possible. These skater socks are made from cotton and don’t dry out when they are wet. It has excellent moisture wicking and breathability.  So, you can skate and style and show off your marijuana-themed socks.

3. Pro SE Bluntflip Shoes

White sneakers are everyone’s favorite. For a special touch, these shoes have pictures of falling blunts on them. It is a collaboration of Bluntflip and the Mandem brand. These comfortable shoes allow you to look awesome and stylish. They also blend well with all types of clothing.

4. Cannabis Perfume Oil

Nothing screams cannabis enthusiast more than a cannabis perfume oil. If you are one, this would be an excellent accessory. It does not smell like an old sour beer. Rather, this perfume oil has an earthy spice. It doesn’t come off as an exact replica of cannabis, but it brings flavor into it.

5. Carry Case Keychain

A keychain may not seem like an important accessory, but it is. it can hold small items and keep them safe. It is ideal to have a good doob tube around to protect your pre-rolled joint. A carry case can be attached to your keychain because they have a twist at the top for a waterproof and airtight seal. It also has a clip attachment to add it to a keychain. This also does not limit it to a keychain, you can add it to a belt loop, purse strap, or your gym bag zipper.

6. SMK Haus Mug

If you enjoy weed, what better way to show it than an SMK Haus mug. While it isn’t used for weed, you can use it for coffee or tea to accompany your smoke break. It is also quite trendy.

7. Lit & Luxury Green Queen Earrings

Earrings can help you meet new stoner friends. These green queen earrings are really affordable and yet elegant. You can be stylish and not abandon your stoner core. It can be an excellent addition to your cannabis-related accessories. It can also make an excellent gift item for a stoner friend.

8. Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau du Parfum

If you love cannabis notes in your perfume, you will love this perfume. The fragrance combines the cannabis notes with rose, citrus, and vanilla musk to offer a well-balanced scent. It also makes a good gift for weed smokers.

9. Lime Crime Travel Size Lip Blaze

Cannabis-infused items always make the best gifts. These mini liquid lipsticks do not dry out your lips. The cannabis Sativa seed oil in its ingredients helps moisturize the lips. It can prevent dry and cracked lips.

10. Matt and Nat Vie Faux Leather Belt Bag

You can keep all your essentials nearby with this compact leather belt bag. This bag can contain your vape pen, a lighter, and a few pre-rolls. The bag also has a pocket for cards. It is an excellent gift for friends as well.